9074 Nabbed In 1929 IBOS in Balochistan to Counter Terrorism

Islamabad— The Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) in Balochistan, under measures to counter terrorism in the province, have conducted 1929 Intelligence Based Operations (IBOs) during last one year. Of the total, police conducted 215 Intelligence Based Operations (IBOs), Levies 464 operations, Frontier Corps (FC) 282 such operations while the number of IBOs conducted under National Action Plan (NAP) by IFC during the period was 968.

As per data issued by Ministry of Interior here, the LEAs also arrested 9,074 persons during the period out of which Police nabbed 3,431 persons, Levies arrested 1292 persons, FC 151 persons and IFC arrested 4200 persons. During the period 204personnel of LEAs faced martyrdom including 03 from police, 48 from FC and 153 from IFC while 29personnel of IFC got injured during the IBOs.

The data further revealed that during the period, the LEAs also recovered 3247 weapons out of which police recovered 846 weapons, FC recovered 356 weapons and IFC recovered 2045 weapons. Similarly, with regard to recovery of Ammunition, the LEAs recovered 2, 57,413, of which FC recovered 15,308 ammunition and IFC recovered 2, 42,105 ammunition.

The other steps taken by Provincial government to counter terrorism in Balochistan included: With regard to curb sectarian violence, multiple layers of cordons were applied in areas where sectarian minorities live. The outer Cordon by Police and inner Cordon by Rangers while intelligence sharing was enhanced. Meetings with leaders of sectarian organizations were also held.

Moreover, during the period, many acts of terrorism were thwarted by provincial government and intelligence agencies, huge caches of explosives were recovered while strict checking of urea and fertilizer was being carried out at entry points.—APP

The Afghan Tribune | Web Desk | Published: December 19, 2015, 10:28 AM

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