A Young Industry But Prevailing, the Afghan Bat

The Afghan Bat cricket bats production factory was founded in January 2015 and commenced its production in August 2015. It is a ground breaking venture in the history of Afghanistan to manufacture cricket sports materials in Afghanistan. Afghans are physically very strong and naturally made for any sort of game. The first organized dance around the fire was started by the Aryans. In 1839, for the first time in the history of Afghanistan, cricket was played on the Afghan soil by the British troops. At that time, the sport was not integrated into the Afghan sports culture. Afghan refugees later imported the sport from Pakistan in the mid-1990s, just when their country was suffering civil wars and the Afghans were living from hand to mouth and worried about those things which were happening in their motherland against their will. The Afghan Bat Manufacturing Enterprise is the realization of our past, present and future potential in the sport.

The CEO of the Afghan Bat, Abdul Rahman Khan states, “Local production has a significant role in the development of the national economy. I have planned to come up with a national and an international vision to promote the local production. Fortunately, after a long period of war, my countrymen are passing through a time of relative peace. I see the situation as an opportunity to encourage the sports especially among the youth so they can overcome the painful memory of our past. Cricket is gaining a widespread popularity among the Afghan youth. It is my utmost desire to provide cricket equipment to every corner of the country. As we know, our neighbor country Pakistan has attained an extensive reputation for the making sports material across the globe. In the Sialkot sports industry, a number of Afghans are working in bat making factories. The Afghan Bat manufacturing industry establishment is hoping to bring back these skillful workers to our own homeland. Another spur in the creation of the Afghan Bat is the availability of white poplar trees in large quantities everywhere in Afghanistan. This material for bat manufacture is used widely in India, Kashmir, and Pakistan. To use this widely available raw material in the manufacturing of the bats production is a boon for our nascent national economy.”

The new government of Afghanistan has promised during its election’s campaigns to boost the national economy through promoting the local economy and making equal chances of employment. Now, almost Afghanistan’s 70 percent economy depends on import rather than domestic production. The Afghan currency status is falling day by day and the investors are escaping of the country due to lack of energy, law and order situations.

But the morale of the Afghan Bat Industry not only sustain but thrilling in the local market due to its minute attention towards quality control. Certainly, the government needs to cooperate, leg up and facilitate the investors to invest more in the country. The local economy improvement will help in finding jobs and this will certainly bring peace to the country.


The Afghan Tribune | Web Desk | Re-Published: December 30, 2015, 04:31 PM

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