Afghan Government with No Agenda for Refugees



When the Afghans were young and the war against the non-believers Russians was in full zeal then many of them were pushed to study in sponsored terror safe havens (Pakistani state sponsored madrassas) for the cause to defeat the USSR in Afghanistan. All the civilian, military, political and non-political as well as liberal and secular think tanks, and policy-makers of Pakistan had enjoyed the victory of Pakistan. All the human rights and the media of the world were up to the choice of the major powers in the war against the USSR.

After the withdrawal of the Russian invaders, the international powers claimed that Afghanistan’s brave masses defeated the invaders. Soon later, the civil wars started and the Islamic fundamentalists had started denationalizing and denaturalizing Afghanistan. They were given open space to exploit the human rights and they considered the women their slaves and they were banned and their all basic state rights were undermined as well as they were detained at homes.

Last week, Deutsche Welle reported, that German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere announced, “Most asylum seekers from Afghanistan and ‘tens of thousands’ from the Balkans will be sent back.”

From the DW report:

More migrants are now coming to Europe from Afghanistan than any country other than Syria, a situation that de Maiziere deemed “unacceptable.” Among them, he noted, are many members of the middle class and residents of the Afghan capital Kabul who “should remain and help build the country up.”

On the other hand, Pakistan police and the state security institutions are getting complete advantages of the expiration date of the UNHCR card names ‘Afghan Citizen Card.’ The Afghan refugees are being tortured everywhere in Pakistan. Their private properties have been dissolved. They put behind the bars in order to pressurize the Afghan government.

The same story is there in Iran. The Pakistani establishment sending the Afghan refugees to fight in Afghanistan against the international and national forces and then Iran is sending them to fight in Syria against the Sunni proxies as well as International forces, these acts not only fueling the war in favour of terrorism but a genocide of Afghan nation.

The Afghan government has no agenda for tackling the crisis of Afghan refugees. They should come with a clear settlement agenda and the government should take in consideration that the human resources and the educational class of Afghan refugees can contribute to the administration, institution and broken bureaucracy and economy of Afghanistan.

The current weak policy of Afghan government not only alienating the major part of the Afghan population but also giving space to anti-Afghan elements to destabilize Afghanistan.


The Afghan Tribune | Web Desk | Published: November 20, 2015, 02:35 PM


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