Afghan Government’s Unsuccessful Talks with Ghosts!

Hafeez - Afghan TribuneThe new government in Kabul started a good beginning but failed to formulate correct policies, as a result new cancer begun to spread across the country. Under American guidance, neither they conducted a fair election, nor did they stabilize the country internally. Important tasks such as setting up a new cabinet took months. A country, that is facing dire security situation, unnecessarily failed to nominate a defense minister for one year. The uncertainty is still looming large on the horizon of the country and its friends. It has allowed its enemy ample space to reorganize for new offensives with the Pakistani help and guidance. On top of that, Ashraf Gani’s new pro-Pakistan policy has made Afghanistan a convenient place for them to destroy it. During his predecessor’s tenure, things were not that easy for these destructive forces to disrupt Afghanistan peace and stability. No matter how much a person is honest, he cannot do anything unless supported by law. This is the exact tragedy with the Afghan security forces. The

The 180-degree contradictory Afghan government policy has tied Afghan security forces’ hands to take any meaningful measure against terrorist abettors. As a result, ISI has entirely rendered Afghan government down to ineffectiveness. We had expressed our concerns in this regards in an article in 2014 titled, The mirage of self-deception  and the increasing  difficulties for  Afghan people!  “From October 2014 on, If Ashraf Gani government failed to formulate a policy within 6/7 months regarding expectations of Pakistan’s good conduct, things would get worsened to unimaginable portions. The terrorists backed by Pakistan would continue to exploit Ashraf Gani’s wait and see policy and it force him to reconsider the expectations it had from Pakistan. It is a fact that there comes a day when the soft-spoken Afghan president would speak tougher than his predecessor, Mr. Hamid Karzai, and American irritancy would also increase to a tough tune.”

The new Afghan policy, inclined towards Pakistan, would surely not benefit Afghans, but to expect that it would honestly mitigate Afghan sufferings is nothing more than a self-deception. It is exactly like jumping into a steep cliff and expecting that the bones won’t fracture. Keeping Afghans busy in talks and then stabbing them in the back was the apparent trait of Pakistani drama but our afghan friends failed to understand it – Incomprehensible.
Pakistanis were saying that they angered the Taliban by launching the “Zarb-e-Azb against them. Now we have four basic questions after reading through Pakistani narrative. First, If Pakistan had launched the military operation against Taliban, then how come it can persuade them for talks? (Notwithstanding the question that if one can consult with one’s enemy or not?) Second, if this operation was not against them and their destructions, then it is against whom? And it is in whose interest? Third, for which sin 3 million Pashtuns were made homeless after destroying their abodes? Fourth, the most important question – If they still not angry with Pakistan and listen to it, then it means that the operation Zarb –e –Azb is not being conducted against them! Pakistan is fully behind whatever destruction is taking place in Afghanistan today.

There are two important but interrelated questions must be dealt with fair answers. First, why Pakistan is hell bent on webbing conspiracies to destroy Afghanistan? Secondly, Secondly, If Pakistan had been conspiring all along, then what happened that Pakistan suddenly changed its policy? Did it achieve its aim by destroying Afghanistan which made it to cooperate with new afghan government and world community? Answers of both questions are disappointing because both Pakistan and Afghanistan are two contrasting elements. Now it is no more a secret that Pakistan cannot liberate itself of the dirty design to make Afghanistan its fifth province. Secondly, no miracle has taken place which could be cited as the main reason of Pakistan’s policy change.

Therefore, its assurance to Afghan leadership for cooperation is nothing more than a lollipop! That is way Pakistan purposely staged the fake drama of talks between Afghan leadership and dead leader of Taliban. Right from beginning Pakistan knew that Mulla Umer was dead, but it kept the Afghan government in dark about that and played the dirty game of slaying innocent Afghan people through proxy war. It is a matter of meticulous observation; Pakistan’s gross designs were obvious if you were to see the reality of the possible talks with Taliban. It shouldn’t have been difficult for Afghan leadership to perceive that the Zarb-e-Azb Operation was in fact, a naked gory plan to get the terrorists across the border of Afghanistan before the end of 2014.
We need to understand that when Pakistan does not hesitate to humiliate and massacre its own people in order to save the terrorists and evacuate them to safe heaven, how come one can expect that it would wheedle them to follow peace talks before its interests are not realized; which is totally against Pakistan’s designs. Any Afghan leader who thinks Pakistan would abandon its policy of “Boiling Afghanistan on Right Temperature” must be living in fool’s paradise.

Afghan leadership must swallow the bitter pills of the reality that they wasted their precious time and innocent lives in the quest of peace with Pakistan and this reality must be passed on to its allies that until and unless Pakistan is regarded as a friend, it continues to send explosive materials to Afghanistan through the trucks loaded with oranges and other fruits.

Now the ISIL, with vast resources at its disposable, is making its appearance in different parts of Pakistan. Currently, 23000 religious schools in Pakistan are busy day and night to train and prepare terrorists for its proxy wars. The grave consequences are unimaginable by Russia and America and its allies. Even in Makuran region of Balochistan, where once religious extremism was an alien concept, is now gaining a firm foothold. Many towns and villages of its two districts, Gwadar and Kech have sizable numbers of trained religious extremism. According to the reports, two and half thousand youth have been brain-washed into in Jihadi ideology and not only that but also they have been equipped with weapons, ATM cards, and motor cycle for high mobility.

The objective of the trainers of these madrassas is very clear: They would first establish Islamic sharia law in the Islamic world, Pakistan and Afghanistan would be used as base camp for Islamic Caliphate, and then from thereon they would continue their campaign to Central Asian countries. In the second phase of their campaign, they would unify all Muslims living in infidel countries (the countries where Muslims are in the minority) this would pave the way for Jihad. As their training is done with a clear mandate, therefore it isn’t difficult for them to change places in Daesh and Taliban.

Indeed, what is most concerning is that Pakistan has succeeded in tricking Russia into its scheme of crippling America in Afghanistan exactly the same way as it once successfully persuaded America to support it in forcing Russia to withdraw from Afghanistan. That is why it has now started talks with Taliban in order take on the ISIL threat.

It is hardly believable that Taliban would not take Russian support and do not use the Russian weapon against the legitimate government of Kabul. Now in such circumstances, the Afghan government, an ally of America, would try to resolve this riddle that on what bases America is giving $ 1 billion military aid to Pakistan? It surely knows that Pakistan does not use these weapons against terrorism; rather, it uses them in the promotion of terrorism in the region. Exactly, in the same way, it would bring all the details of this formula under discussion that its support to Taliban wouldn’t be used against Afghanistan interests.

Russia has inked many agreements with Afghanistan particularly on terrorism and drug trafficking. In a way, both Russia and America, despite being direct supportive of Afghan peace, are supporting Afghanistan’s enemy. Apparently, Pakistan, Taliban, and Daesh are different names, yet in reality, their arteries are tugged to Pakistani military camps where they get nourishment. In short, Russia must not waste its time and energy in Pakistan’s sponsored talks with Taliban on Daesh fear as it is highly likely that it would meet the same episode of talking with ghosts as Pakistan did with Afghans by getting them to talk with ghosts in the name of Taliban.

The mayhem that is currently prevailing across the country are denoting towards the fact that the drama of “Pakistan-sponsored talks with Taliban” would continue for quite sometimes, but with no result. And Afghanistan continues to face a tough time in the coming spring. It must brace itself for extremely violent attacks because Mr. Ashraf Gani’s pro-Pakistan policies are still intact despite strong disapproval from his allies and the general public. Its impacts mean further bloodshed in Afghanistan and entire region as well.

Hafeez writings encompass a broad spectrum of regional issues, including Pakistan’s interest and designs in the continuation of the Afghan war that directly contradicts the interests of America, Russia, India and the European Union in the region. Now, he is a Research Fellow at the Strategic Center for International Relations and a member of Editorial Board of its quarterly publication.


The Afghan Tribune | Hafeez Hassanabadi| Published: January 11, 2016, 11:42 AM

Translated by Archen Baloch

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