An open letter to President Trump

Dear President!  I am writing to you on behalf of all Afghans / Pukhtuns inhibiting in Pukhtunkhwa province of Pakistan, Afghanistan and the rest of the world. We all Pukhtuns / Afghans have been suffering for the last 40 years by terrorists using the card of Islam. Although terrorisms existed in the world for centuries in one shape or other, it was the so-called Jihad of Afghanistan after a Soviet-backed Coup d’état in April 1978 that gave birth to the modern day radical Islamic terrorism.

Pakistani Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) and Army possessing extreme radical Islamic views, have been developing the idea of pan-Islamist agenda (meaning to establish a khalifa to rule the whole world by Muslims & convert every human on the earth to Islam), one of the teaching of Radical Islam adopted by ISI/ Pakistani Army, after the Army Coup by General Zia- Ul-Haq in 1976. The Socialist Soviet Union backed Coup in Afghanistan was a golden opportunity for ISI/ Pakistani Army to use it as a propaganda tool and pursue its pan-Islamist agenda.

The Radical Islamist groups and political Islamist Parties from Afghanistan were brought into Pakistan, nurtured, trained and organized by ISI and Pakistani Army. CIA/ USA and the west also embraced the opportunity of supporting these terrorists with great enthusiasm, to punish Ex- Soviet Union, as Afghan Government had come to power with the blessings of the Soviet Union. CIA and the West provided financial and logistic support. Additionally, the rich Arab states including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, and UAE, provided substantial financial support.  A radical Islamist Party in Pakistan named Jamaat Islami generally known as the “B” team of ISI/ Pakistani Army played a leading role in recruiting hundreds of thousands of Pakistani Jihadists. Highly trained Radical Islamist terrorists were armed to the teeth under the direction of ISI and sent to Afghanistan to wage the so-called Jihad against Afghan Government and kill innocent Afghans. Ordinary Afghans were terrorized and forced to seek refuge in Paksitan, where they were radicalized, or forcefully recruited.  Arab and central Asian terrorist individuals and groups including Al-Qaida were also recruited by ISI to join the so-called Jihad in Afghanistan. 2.5 million innocent Afghans/ Pukhtuns got killed and their killings continue with the hands of terrorists today.

Pakistani Army/ ISI silenced all the secular Afghan voices in Pukhtunkhwa and stopped them from speaking out against the radical Islamic so-called Jihad. They were dealt with an Iron fist and thousands of them were targeted and killed.

ISI/ Pakistani Army also created dozens of terrorist organizations inside Pakistan not only to use them in Afghanistan and other neighboring countries but also in far away countries to help ISI achieve the pan-Islamic agenda. 70 (admitted by one of the Anterior Minister of Pakistan) of such organisations including Albadr, Jash-e-Mohammad, Lashkar e Tayyaba, Jamaat Ud- Dawa, Ziyad al-Jarrah Battalions (currently fighting in Syria), Sipah Sahaba Paksitan, Tahrek Nefaz-e Shariat Mohammadi, Hizb-ul-Mujahideen, and other were created, nurtured, directed, and sent for terrorist activities across the globe.  Almost all of these terrorist organizations are proscribed by United Nations including Pakistan, but most of them continue to enjoy the support of ISI/ Army. ISI continue to defy the world and continue to nurture and sponsor these organizations.

Afghan Government had only regular Army 0f 10,000 soldiers, which was no match for the hundreds of thousands of highly trained terrorists and ISI personnel motivated by Jihad and pan-Islamist agenda, and supported by the West. Afghan Government was overwhelmed with the shear power of terrorists with in a year after the Coup d’état. The Soviet Army was finally forced to come to the help of Afghan Government in December 1979, in their fight with terrorists, who had almost overthrown the Government, after many requests from Afghan Government since April 1979. Soviet Army left Afghanistan in February 1989, when the Soviet Union was on the brink of dissolution.

Eventually, Kabul fell to ISI/ Jihadists alliance in April 1992. Encouraged by the defeat and fall of Soviet Union, the ISI/ Pakistani Army and the terrorist organizations under its patronage saw the pan-Islamic agenda as an achievable goal. ISI/ Pakistani’s belief of success of pan-Islamic project grew stronger when Afghan Taliban occupied Afghanistan in September 1996, as about of half of Afghan Taliban force was constituted by serving ISI employees.  As part of their pan-Islamic project, ISI also activated the endogenous radical Islamic movements in many countries in central Asia India, Russia and China. ISI recruited and trained more terrorists in Pakistan and sent them to support the indigenous terrorists.

The anticipated domination of the world by Islam the goal of ISI (which the terrorists & their supporters Mullahs were openly preaching in Paksitan, faced a major setback with the NATO invasion of Afghanistan after 9/11. Although part of the Alliance with NATO in Afghanistan, ISI started paying double Game with the NATO and exported many Arab terrorists running into Pakistan from the advancing NATO forces, safely out of Pakistan to the Middle East, who latter on regrouped to fight against the US security forces in Iraq.

ISI also regrouped the demoralized defeated Afghan Taliban after 9/11, a few years latter and started sending them to fight Afghan and NATO’s forces in Afghanistan. ISI/ Pakistani Army set up “Tahrik Taliban Pakistan” (a sister group to Afghan Taliban) a new terrorist organization in December 2007, inside Paksitan and ironically allowed it to set up a parallel Government in Swat Pakistan. The purpose was to delude NATO forces by pretending to have no control over Taliban in Pakistan, hence having no control over Afghan Taliban based in Pakistan, fighting against NATO. ISI used Tahrik Taliban Pakistan’s State Swat not only to have a safe recruitment enclave for terrorists, who fought shoulder to shoulder with Afghan Taliban but also to target and kill local secular groups, individuals or political workers and leaders, which were considered a hindrance to their cause. Taliban’s State in Swat running its own courts and draconian laws boosted the moral of Afghan Taliban in their fight with NATO in Afghanistan.

ISI/ Pakistani Army has played a role in setting up and regrouping most of the dozens of Islamist terrorist organizations in the world, particularly in the Middle East. Many other organizations were inspired by the terrorist organizations constituted by ISI. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, & lately Turkey also played their role in constituting these Islamist terrorist organization.

Afghan terrorists Like Afghan Taliban, & Haqani Network, and lately Islamic State, are not only provided sanctuaries by ISI but are supported by ISI with logistics, training & finance. ISI is directly involved in terrorist attacks on American Security Forces and interests, and Afghan security forces and people in Afghanistan. Additionally, ISI is actively involved in terrorizing & killing Bloch and Afghans/ Pukhtuns from Pukhtunkhwa, which Pakistan claims to be its own people. ISI and the terrorist organizations are active even in silencing the moderate/ secular voices in Punchab i.e. the real Pakistan. All the secular/ moderate people in Pakistan especially those from Pukhtunkhwa, are in the frontline of fire from the terrorists and deserve the highest regard from all peace loving people. Mr. President, they should be given the highest respect and should not be mixed up with, and counted in the columns of Islamist terrorists when it comes to immigration etc.

India is a strong country, has stood up to Pakistan for its part in terrorist attacks in India and can stop Pakistan from doing so. Afghanistan’s infrastructure, economy, and security institutions have been destroyed by the terrorists in the last 40 years and Afghanistan does not have strong enough Army to stand up to ISI/ Pakistani Army. The world is either too weak or is not interested to stop Pakistani ISI from the terrorism ISI is involved in the world in General and Afghanistan in particular.  Despite ISI’s continuous terror attacks on Afghans and the NATO’s Security forces, the United States & NATO do not see eye to eye with Pakistan. The security forces of United States have been enjoying high and persistence approval by Afghans for their presence in Afghanistan for a long time but Afghans are becoming frustrated and disillusioned with the US/ NATO for their failure in protecting them from ISI/terrorists sponsored by Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.

Afghans themselves are well able to defeat terrorists and their sponsors Pakistan & others, but Afghanistan needs a strong Army to match that of Pakistan, for this purpose. Afghanistan however on its own cannot stop Pakistan from nurturing terrorist organizations inside Pakistan and the world has to address this challenge and stop turning blind eyes to the terrorism of Pakistan.

Mr. President if not eradicated the shenanigan of Islamist Terrorists in the world will continue and the world will become hell for peace loving people. A world-class strategy needs to be developed and implemented to eradicate terrorism. If you are truly interested in the eradication of radical Islamic terrorism, then it needs to be removed with its roots, deeply embedded in Pakistan. I am sure the world if interested is well capable of doing it.

Also, Mr. President if you want to help Afghans both in Afghanistan  & Pukhtunkhwa, the best way is to help Afghanistan build a strong Army to match Pakistani Army. This will enable Afghans to get rid of all terrorists in Afghanistan and stop Pakistan from sending terrorists from Pakistan to Afghanistan.


Dr. Zaib Khan Asapzai Consultant Surgeon, UK. Chief Co-Ordinator of Afghan / Pukhtun Milli Jarga in Europe working towards uniting all Nationalist & Secular Afghans / Pukhtuns organizations / political parties struggling for the reunification of Afghanistan.

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The Afghan Tribune | Dr. Zaib Khan Asapzai | Published: March 10, 2017, 02:34 PM


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