Baloch Freedom Question – Part IV

Lack of leadership:

We have discussed the mentioned subject in detail in one of our articles ‘Baloch lack action and not leadership’ published in Daily Tawar but as a matter of fact we will have a short look on the subject. Pakistani rulers or Baloch enemies in order to spread disappointment and cause confusion among Balochs spread such rumors. These rumors are not unexpected and we shall not waste our time debating on them but when a Baloch expresses similar views we grieve and instantly know the person himself is in great confusion thinking every other person is unclear just like him because one who does not have a leader has no role in the struggle. For such people the real issue is not leader but thought. Whenever they make up their mind having a clear vision they will find people of same vision and leader as well.

Such people, who do not regret the fact of Balochs living in the territories of Pakistan and Iran, deny the pro-independence leaders being leaders. This is the clear difference between pro-independence and Pakistani and Iranian pro-parliament Balochs that the pro-independence never complain about absence of leadership whereas pro-parliaments usually repeat the same subject. They (pro-parliaments) complain their leaders are unpopular in public but they also cannot suggest staying with Pakistan and Iran. Such thoughts are contemptible among Balochs and these people do not will to be called so, ending not supporting a prideful thought (pro-independence).Such confused people are unable to answer a simple question I.e. what are their nominees for the leader of the entire struggle? They avoid nominating their pro-parliaments knowing their unpopularity among the freedom fighters and the locals, this in not because of the idiocy of their leaders but their ideas do not match the thoughts the freedom fighters are dying for.

Similarly they cannot point out the abatements in these leaders which lead their invalidity. Here too they try to argue by claiming these (pro-independence) leaders are not accepted by other Balochs but they forget that the real issue is with themselves and not the nation. A designated and limited body in Balochs provoke the enemy propagandas in order to raise thought clash among Balochs by saying Balochs will not succeed just because they lack leadership. They cannot resist the fact that Balochs despite being very weak has weakened the economy of a nuclear power. There is a question mark on the development of every international value keeping profitable project in this country. Baloch war for freedom has forced the trend of investment, If the nation or the struggle lack leader how come it turn Pakistan into Missilestan? Effortless people make excuse to get rid of the ongoing struggle; hence with the passage of time questions regarding success following unity in Balochs will be ineffective due to the intensity of the struggle. The support and oppose of such people will not affect the struggle.

Importunity of a major body on ‘surface’:

This question too is an excuse but as it pops up eventually we will discuss it in short. Before starting, let us clear this question is asked by those friends who try to make place for pro-parliaments in this national struggle. By asking this, the questioner hesitates but means the freedom fighters should carry on their struggle in the mountains and should not oppose the pro-parliaments to join Pakistani parliament. Asking so, such people do not think for a while that the freedom fighters fighting in worse conditions avoid any coalition with these pro-parliaments whereas their sympathy and help is the most needed. On the other hand pro-parliaments claim to be the companions and political wings of the freedom fighters and sometimes they reach till a point saying our paths might differ but aim is the same.

Everyone is aware that the freedom fighter in the mountains is defending the resources and coasts of Balochistan and all bodies in Baloch National Front (BNF) are raising their slogan in order to unite the people. Hundreds of their people in tortures cells, many of activists and leaders being directly target killed and thousands in prisons, despite all these the parties are continuously working for their cause. If these efforts are invisible to some, then it’s clear those are the people who question but never work for the cause.In worse conditions, BNF has united the pro-independence. In the presence of BNF, the demand of another united surface alliance is dishonesty or being unaware of the present situation of Pakistan. No doubt BNF could be made more effective and motivated but to do so suggestions of other Baloch parties colliding with BNF are positive.

First the suggestion maker should clear itself being a pro-independence saying good-bye to the Pakistani parliamentarian politics forever. Here we do not want to argue on what the achievements as a nation were given to us by the Pakistani parliament and what made our leaders lose their vocal senses after reaching the assemblies. In such, it is not fair to remind the leaders of the joint parties in BNF that without taking along the other Balochs (pro-parliaments) success is hard to achieve. This question should be kept forward to the other Balochs who have still not join this alliance which in real is contributing sacrifices. Why don’t the pro-independence make them ever feel that till their absence the struggle would be unsuccessful and the martyr’s blood would go in vain. In our view, the issue is not that the freedom fighters take along these people with them but the issue is to go along with the freedom fighters.

They should define the reasons that keep them avoid being convinced in helping the freedom fighters. If we analyze the other part of this question, we would find Pakistan’s undemocratic and barbaric based attitude does not allow a surface party to survive. Last year in a honoured meeting with respected Sardar Khair Baksh Marri, we kept forward the particular question. He openly answered; ‘A country lacking democracy and justice, it is impossible to propitiate the demand of democratic tactics or surface party in it. What arguments will a person present in front of a thief, looter, cruel and a violent? You talk they kill, you carry out rallies they open indiscriminate fire against the innocents, you write they kill. The only answer to your questions is bullet. If talks were effective, why pick up the gun?!’

The sayings of Baba Marri are solid truth but having the spirit of sacrifice for Balochistan, men and women still bravely carry out rallies in the cities. When BNF’s 80% members are in jail or have warrants against them, those living in cities and talking about politics are not in the mood to take any effective step which could disturb the government acts. When criticized, rather then correcting their acts they accuse Baloch of disunity because accusations are easy to make but joining and working for a surface party or alliance is difficult. The meaning of ‘larger unity’ among these people and the freedom fighters differ.

Pro-Pakistani parliaments talk about larger unity in sense of unity among all the Baloch parties to participate in elections and win maximum seats whereas pro-independence see the term of larger unity as the path of getting rid of the total relations with Pakistan. The basic reason of any surface party or alliance not existing (except BNF) is that a body taking maximum seats would show the world that Baloch accept the Pakistani parliamentary system and agree to do politics in the country’s boundaries. While others (pro-independence) by this unity try to show the world that they are not the only ones demanding the slogan of independence but all Baloch powers support them. Unfortunately not only the paths of pro-parliaments and pro-independence differ but their mission differs too. Or it can be taken as both the groups are directly against each other.

Parliamentary politics make the world believe that despite Baloch having internal complains against Pakistan, do not demand independence and are only against the establishment and have no problem with the state. Whereas sensing the non-parliamentary political parties or alliance, the world comes to the point that Baloch is not only unhappy with its unjust division but is seeking correction of this historical mistake. Therefore, those who think the only solution to Balochistan issue is independence, believe BNF to be a surface power and should join any party in BNF to strengthen its power. Those who think they are not satisfied by the work of any pro-parliament party, could make a decision on theory basis joining the pro-independence alliance. Then the person would realize the rapid development in this alliance and would stop complaining knowing the only missing part of this surface alliance was the person itself (who previously was a far standing spectator and now is a part of a struggle).


Hafeez writings encompass a broad spectrum of regional issues, including Pakistan’s interest and designs in the continuation of the Afghan war that directly contradicts the interests of America, Russia, India and the European Union in the region. Now, he is a Research Fellow at the Strategic Center for International Relations and a member of Editorial Board of its quarterly publication.


The Afghan Tribune | Hafeez Hassanabadi | Published: April 23, 2016, 10:13 PM


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