Baloch Freedom Question – Part V

Education and development prior to the freedom demand:

Talking so, they try to paint a portrait of an important issue but going through the subject reveal these people are providing the enemy ‘the secret of ruling them’. They mean till Baloch nation is uneducated and undeveloped, the enemy could rule the nation (with our help). Whereas the enemy is well aware of this fact and on this basis is not providing education but teachings of slavery. If a slave itself address the master that it would demand freedom when educated, would the master be so foolish in providing it education? Those who demand priority to education and development should accept the fact of not having both these things in their reach.

Our nationalist Chief Minister being Education Minister could not restore the orders of Martyr Nawab Akbar Bugti regarding Balochi to be taught in schools, are not capable to serve anything more in this field. Here if not suspecting their good intentions, we could definitely come to a point that at least they are victim of helplessness and self-interests. These friends talk about resources and coasts but are unable to answer a question I.e. despite Pakistan handing over the resources and the coasts to the Baloch, still the pro-independence do not agree on any contract less than independence, would these nationalists be along? Referencing the historical fact of forced occupation by Pakistan, we surely think Pakistan will not provide Balochistan’s resources or coasts to Baloch. On the other side of the border, Iran’s situation is the same or worse.

Leave aside the resources, despite the killings and massacre causing the investors not to think about investment in this country, Pakistan is not fulfilling the demands of those Baloch parties who are willing to stay in the boundaries of Pakistan. The release of political prisoners, recoveries of the disappeared, helping the IDPs and withdrawal of the military from Balochistan are such demands that are way too less important than independence, but Islamabad is not interested in fulfilling them.Commenting on the education status in Balochistan and specially in Baloch areas, we can only say till all the authorizations in Balochistan are not handed over to Balochs, providing education here is a deceiving fact. Still today there exist Baloch areas where the district council based on the population of 40-50 thousand people, in rural areas from the past 62 years only 2 persons could clear their intermediate. Balochistan, till today teachers once in a blue moon visit the schools to look at the walls (if exist) and there are hundreds of such schools which are only present on some papers. All the parties who have been periodically been in power due to the will of Islamabad are involved in this crime.

In such when one’s neighbours are way ahead in the educational sector and their children have a better educational environment, to think about competing them is compared to commit collective national suicide. At this time, Baloch is a victim of worse state conspiracies and it cannot compete its neighbours in the presence of these conspiracies.To hide their conspiracies, government, and its puppets sing the same tone as the pro-parliaments. They accuse Baloch being anti-education, whereas Baloch is against the educational system and the particular trend which distances them from their thousand of year old history. Baloch is taught the 62-year-old history of Pakistan but its own thousands of year old history is never taught. An Indian intellectual once said to a Pakistani; ‘In Pakistani educational system, after the history of Mehergarh, Pakistan’s history is taught, anything happened in between is missing. They forget it or just ignore it because Pakistan had no role in it.’Baloch is not against education but against the injustice that its language is not being taught. Baloch is against the fact that it is not authorized to have control of its educational system and others make educational policies for Baloch reserving the right of making the decision of what is good and bad for Baloch. Baloch is against the policy which does not provide the chances of its children being equal in competition with its neighbour (nations) children.

Despite lacking equal facilities Baloch is dared to be afraid of competition and the opportunities are being provided to the non-Balochs stating Balochs being idiots.Baloch is aware that its children are getting education in Arab countries, European countries, America, Canada and Russia mark as brilliant students. This means Baloch children are not weak but the educational environment (in Pakistan) given to them is not appropriate for them. As the government does not have any proof in its favor to hide these injustices and conspiracies it had committed, for its own ease it claims Baloch being anti-education whereas Baloch is not anti-education but anti-educational system provided to it which teaches the lesson of slavery.

In an article ‘Baloch massacre in Karachi; Those who lost their lives in dark paths’ published recently, we had argued on less education statistics among Baloch in a city like Karachi which consists a large number of major educational circles, we requested the entire nation to learn a lesson from these statistics. Baloch cannot tolerate any delay and the thought of freedom being conditioned with education is an example of worse enmity. Despite the fact of Baloch not being provided education, any nation’s freedom cannot be conditioned to its education. In our neighboring United Arab Emirates, at the time of its independence, the literacy rate was even worse than the current literacy rate in Balochistan. Even their rulers did not had the gift of education.

No nation in this world has ever been kept as a slave just because it was uneducated. When Baloch enemies make such allegations anyone could figure their plan but when a Baloch itself try to make such excuse it definitely hurts. World developed countries like America, Canada, Britain and all the European countries hire well-skilled people from around the world inviting them in their countries giving them the best facilities, it is no harm in independent Balochistan to hire such people on a contract basis. In short, no independence gaining country in the world delayed its freedom movement for the sake of its education and development slogan. Nor any occupying power ever grant freedom to a nation on the basis of it becoming literate, if it was so then Basques in Spain or the Irish could have got their independence long back.


Hafeez writings encompass a broad spectrum of regional issues, including Pakistan’s interest and designs in the continuation of the Afghan war that directly contradicts the interests of America, Russia, India and the European Union in the region. Now, he is a Research Fellow at the Strategic Center for International Relations and a member of Editorial Board of its quarterly publication.


The Afghan Tribune | Hafeez Hassanabadi | Published: May 11, 2016, 09:28 AM


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