Baloch Freedom Question – Part VI

Demand of ‘provincial autonomy’ or ‘right of self-determination’ before independence:

Before debating on this issue, it is necessary to find out the Baloch perspective on its status with in Pakistan and Iran. Then it would be easy to come to any conclusion once knowing Baloch perspective. The clashing government statements and looking at the real situation in Balochistan, one can easily figure out that the majority in Balochistan are pro-independence. If it was not so, the government would have never taken serious steps and would have not need to spread fear and its supporters would have not felt shame on their acts which is the proof of them being helpless in front of the pro-independence.Despite this reality, some Baloch parties talk about provincial autonomy prior to the demand of freedom and a particular party talks about ‘right of self-determination’ before the demand of independence.

Lets analyze both these demands in the light of ground reality. The demand of provincial autonomy is unreal and compared to national suicide because this is exactly as the demand which Baloch has been demanding since the British rule till today. It was defined with another name (treaty) but the explanation is almost the same. Baloch nation has been fighting against the British for its internal autonomy in various areas using various names but it was never convinced to fight for its independence as one unit. All the battles between Marri vs. Bugtis, Khan Kalat vs. Kharanis, Khalil Khan vs. Jihind Khan ended up in any kind of treaty. Baloch witnessed defeat in installments collectively. Every group signed some contracts for their areas but they were unaware that by signing these treaties separately they were getting weaker and weaker.

On the basis of these treaties, Balochistan’s unjust division took place. balochistanafghantribuneIf the freedom movement in Eastern Balochistan does not succeed, no power could prevent Balochs colliding with other major nations or vanishing in about a century or so. If Baloch survives it shall only remain as a surname and if the enemy continues its policy against Baloch, the families would not keep the surname excusing a hurdle in development or to avoid ridicule of a defeated nation.Pro-independence call the provincial autonomy and right of self-determination seekers as the biggest hurdles in their ways. If Pakistan succeeds in crushing the freedom movement with the help of these Balochs, Balochistan shall not only become a province of cantonments in a few years, it would be divided into 2 provinces I.e. Balochistan and Brahuistan in order to crush its entire energy and people, shall be serving in the same wages not being able to do anything.

Baloch would become way weaker than it is today. Neither they will be able to gain education like the Balochs in Karachi nor could they use assemblies as their weapons in fact, the state would use them as a tissue paper and throw them in the dustbin of history. It is no story but a bitter truth, as 50 years ago no one could imagine the rule of Muhajirs in Karachi, Balochistan would become the same. Those who raise the slogan of ‘right of self-determination’ saying it is too early for the demand of independence, should first ask their own leaders clarification in the slogan of independence in the decade of 1980 A.D. or if their current slogan sounds more in favor of self-interest. Their (former leaders) slogan of independence was just at that time because they reserved the right of changing it which later on end up with the term of ‘give and take’ and is still present as a black dot in the history of Baloch national politics.In short, the demanders of ‘right of self-determination’ could not join the pro-independence till they do not decide breaking up with Pakistan.

In past Baloch nation has lost everything on the very same path, today Baloch has only Balochistan to lose which Pakistan claim as its province. Balochistan is the only guarantee of Baloch national survival and if Baloch agree on anything less than their independence it would be a victim of greater divisions and be weaker. The last and the bitter fact is that if Baloch give up at this point they would never get a second try.


Translated by Zrombesht

Hafeez writings encompass a broad spectrum of regional issues, including Pakistan’s interest and designs in the continuation of the Afghan war that directly contradicts the interests of America, Russia, India and the European Union in the region. Now, he is a Research Fellow at the Strategic Center for International Relations and a member of Editorial Board of its quarterly publication.


The Afghan Tribune | Hafeez Hassanabadi | Published: June 22, 2016, 09:18 AM


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