Balochistan:  Bodies of two Baloch including a previously abducted teacher found in Turbat and Karachi


dad9e2f6-3870-4ed8-bb83-789954fd6474Balochistan Kech: A bullet-ridden body of a man was discovered in Kalatuk area of Turbat district Balochistan while another body was found in Karachi on Tuesday.

According to details the local authorities, reportedly on a tip off, found the dead body of Baloch teacher, Nawaz son of Mehrab, and shifted it to the local hospital.

The young Baloch teacher was abducted on 31/1/2016 at Gennah military check post by Pakistani security forces.

He was a resident of Khairabad region of Kech Balochistan.

His family said that he had no affiliation with any party or organizations adding that, “We don’t know why he was abducted and killed despite that fact that he was in the custody of security forces.

“If he had committed any crimes, he should have been presented to a court and given a fair trial.”

Meanwhile, the mutilated body of another Baloch was found in Steal Town police station’s jurisdictions in Karachi.

The body was shifted to Edhi Centre Karachi where its identity was ascertained as that of Yasir Ali son of Shaukat Ali resident of Kalat Chyr region of Mashkay Balochistan.

The body was still kept at Edhi Centre Karachi until the filing of this report.

Hundreds of other people have been arrested from a different area of Balochistan as Pakistani forces continue its military attacks and operations across Balochistan.

At least, a 100 people were arrested from different localities of Quetta alone after a suicide attack on Pakistan para-military forces on Saturday.

The Pakistani forces have been carrying out continuous raids in Quetta from past three days.

In several regions of Dera Bugti Pakistani forces have been conducting operations since the mid-January.

Several people have been arrested and disappeared during the unprovoked attacks.

Separately, Local sources reported that Pakistani ground forces backed by gunship helicopters which attacked civilian populations causing loss of life and property in district Bolan Balochistan.

The most affected areas of included Jaladi, Saangan, Peer Ismail, Shahrag.

Pakistani forces have been carrying these attacks against civilian populations from past four days.

Two days back they have attack the village of Shaheed Rahmdil ‘Sagaar Baloch’ and set several houses on fire.

Dozens of civilians were also abducted during the military offensives on Monday morning.


The Afghan Tribune | Web Desk | Published: February 10, 2016, 10:05 AM

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