Balochistan Freedom Struggle Needs International Support!

13942517_932289563583081_596325387_nRecently, the Baloch liberation forces have intensified their defensive attacks on Pakistani armed forces across Balochistan. In response, the Pakistani army has resorted to disproportionate aerial bombardment on civil population, as reported by Baloch social media activists.

Just yesterday, under the new theme of “Combing Operation” which was devised after the devastating Quetta suicide bombing, Pakistan armed forces have killed 11 people across Balochistan and abducted 40 more people without any legal basis.

Of all the disturbing reports, was the Pakistan air force’s aerial bombardment that reportedly flattened the entire village of Sangsila yesterday in Dera Bugti in which, four people of the same family were killed including children and elderly women.

Dera Bugti is the holy mother of Baloch natural gas from where the main arteries of gas pipelines are located and they run through the veins of Punjab and other cities of Pakistan.

The number of Baloch resisting armed groups is consisting of three armed organizations, including Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA), Baloch Republican Army, (BRA) and Baloch Liberation Front, (BLF).­

The freedom struggle of Balochistan has gone through lots of changes with the passage of time. In social media, its activists are highly active running campaigns of awareness highlighting human rights abuses that Pakistan commits on the daily basis in their country.

On 11th August 2016 Baloch people on the both sides of Balochistan and Afghanistan have commemorated their day of independence in Kabul city. August 11th is the Baloch Independence Day from British Raj, but they lost it to Pakistani aggression! They commemorate it each year.

13989512_932289566916414_1345746788_nThe International community seems oblivious to Baloch sufferings.  Under blanket media blackout they are being killed on their own land by the Pakistani military. No international pressure is being applied on Pakistan to allow international media and humanitarian organizations to enter Balochistan and see what is going on in that unfortunate part of the world, called Balochistan.

The Baloch freedom struggle is passing through a crucial stage while the Pashtuns are facing a nefarious military and terrorist battle on their land and certainly it decreased their level of interest but the social and other media show that they are standing side by side with Baloch people in their cause of freedom.

It is evident that the freedom of Balochistan is something that adds support to the peace of the region in future.

The elders of the Baloch nation are also of the same view that if international community supported Baloch freedom struggle to succeed, their homeland, Balochistan would greatly dishearten the anti-human elements and works as a bulwark against religious extremism in the region.

But today Baloch are in dire need of the international community to help stop their genocide on their own land being perpetrated by Pakistan army.

It is worth mentioning here that Baloch freedom fight dates back to 1948 when Pakistan army, led by Gen Crecy, a British army officer of the colonial era, invaded Balochistan when the bicameral body of Baloch representatives in Kalat refused to join Pakistan at the advice of M. A. Jinnah on the basis of being fellow Muslims.

Secular Balochs have offered tremendous sacrifices for winning this great cause against Pakistan. They deserve earliest international community attention as they’re currently facing worst type atrocities at the hands of brutal Punjabi army generals.


The Afghan Tribune | Gul Baloch & Archen Baloch| Published: August 13, 2016, 03:40 PM

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  • Nov 21, 2016 at 7:30 pm

    International support can only be possible when mentioned 3 libation forces BLA’ BLF ‘ and BRA get united in a front,and it seems to be difficult due to present leader ship.

  • Aug 26, 2016 at 10:17 pm

    We Balochs thank you for your publication as well as Government of Afghanistan for their moral contribution to Balochs people. We are all together suffering from Pakistan atrocities and terrorism. Let´s all stand firm to face the challenges. We are brothers living thousand years with our hospitality and firm brotherhood.
    Amin Baloch – Sao Paulo city – Brazil