Balochistan: Journalists should visit and witness continuous military attacks in Bolan



BLA Balochistan A spokesperson of the Baloch Liberation Army on Sunday called on media to visit district Bolan region of Balochistan where Pakistan military have been continuously bombing civilian areas from past one week.

Mr Jeehand Baloch in a statement to print media said that fresh offensives of Pakistani forces continue in Margat, Laakkadh, Nodgowaar, Saaro, Buzgar, Saangaan, Peer Ismail and other areas of Bolan from last one week.

“The Pakistani forces are using gunship helicopters and fighters jets in their attacks against aforementioned areas,” Mr Baloch said. Jeehand Baloch told NNI that hundreds of houses have been burned and at least 50 Baloch women have been abducted by Pakistani forces so far.

He said, “A large number of Baloch women and children have been killed during continuous attacks and bombardment by Pakistani forces as well as their livestock are forcibly being taken to Quetta and Chaghai for auction.

Along with burning of their houses, incidents of women, children and elderly being thrown on fire have also been reported.” The BLA spokesperson’s statement further read, “Baloch freedom fighters are bravely fighting face-to-face battles against Pakistan forces at several places where Pakistani forces have suffered heavy casualties. We have also lost contact with many of our freedom fighters, we don’t know anything about their condition and safety.”

He said it was disappointing that the media and human rights organisations have forgotten their due role and responsibilities either due to pressure of Pakistani state or in return of petty incentives. That’s why they are tight-lipped and do not dare to give coverage to a week-long military aggression in Bolan area of Balochistan.

Jeehad Baloch said, “As a responsible and representative organisation of Baloch nation, we invite the people affiliated with media and human rights organisations to come and visit the affected areas of Bolan Balochistan and witness the state atrocities for themselves. If our claims turn out to be mare propaganda then in the future media should boycott our organisation.”

He further said, “In the battle of truth it is our top priority to tell the truth and be honest. Whereas the enemy forces [Pakistani army] have been constantly telling lies and issuing misleading statements but even then the media have been listening them.” “This attitude and approach of media and Human Rights Organisation have led to the conclusion that they are on the side of the state forces.”


The Afghan Tribune | Web Desk | Published: November 09, 2015 07:56 PM

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