Balochistan: Pakistani forces abducted three Baloch women from Hoshaab

Balochistan Kech: Pakistan forces opened indiscriminate firing on peace protesters in Hoshaab region of Kech Balochistan injuring several people including one woman on Wednesday.

According to the details the Pakistan attacked Baloch population in Shanzi Dann Abbas Bazar area of Hoshaap and abducted several people including Dr. Barkat and his wife, Owais, Ali Murad, Aqeel, Ameer Bakhsh on Wednesday morning. Later in the day women from the region organised a protest to demand the release of innocent people but the military instead of releasing the previously abducted persons, have opened indiscriminate firing on peaceful protesters injuring many people including a woman named Zafraan Baloch.

Pakistan forces then took Zafraan Baloch and her sister Mahdem Baloch into their custody and shifted them to an unknown location. The whereabouts of all above named and unnamed persons remained unknown until the filing of this report.

The protesters were also harassed and directly threaten by personal of Pakistan military saying, “they [detainees] are all insurgents and we have orders from higher authorities not to release anybody.”

It is worth mentioning that harassing and mistreating Baloch women and children has become the daily practice of Pakistan army in Balochistan. Also previously, Pakistan army abducted Baloch women from Kahan, Kohlu, Dera Bugti, Sibbi, Bolan and Mahskay regions of Baloch.

Some of the women were later released but a significant number of them still remains in the custody of Pakistani forces. Sources on conditions of anonymity informed Baloch Warna News that leaders of National Party and other pro-establishment parties have advised the military to arrest women and children of pro-liberation activists in order to coerce them to give up their struggle for independence of Balochistan.

The Afghan Tribune | Web Desk | Published: January 16, 2016, 11:58 AM


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