Balochistan: Relatives and HR activists appeal for immediate release of Baloch women and children about

QUETTA: The relatives of abducted Baloch women and children held a press conference at Quetta Press Club on Wednesday for the safe release of their loved ones. The female relatives flanked by a rights activist urged the international media and human rights organisations to play their due role to expose the Pakistani atrocities against Baloch people.

They charged that Pakistani army abducted several men and women along with their children in the continued military offensive in past three weeks against Baloch civilian population in district Bolan Balochistan.

During press Conference the relatives, said many Baloch women along with their children have been abducted from different areas of Bolan. The whereabouts of these women and children remain unknown so far. The relatives issued the names of some of the abducted Baloch women to media stating that the number of abducted people is much higher but due to Pakistan forces siege around the affected areas it was difficult to know the exact details of abducted or killed people.

The names of some abducted women issued to media are as following:

Dur Bibi wife of Washo Chalgari Marri.Gull Pari wife of Dilwash Marri abducted along with 4 daughters.Bakht Bibi wife of Dilwash Marri abducted along with her son and 3 daughters.Bibi Durbakht wife of Rahmdil Marri abducted along with four daughters.Bibi Zarmedo wife of Gazzo Marri.Hata Bibi wife of Ali Marri abducted along with 2 sons and 2 daughters.Jar Bibi wife of Kaalo. Marri abducted along with 17-year daughter Haan Bibi and six children.Bibi Waeri wife of Ali Marri.Gull Bibi wife of Tango Marri abducted along with two kids.Jaan Bibi wife of Lala Mohammad Marri.Bibi Hani wife of Ali Bakhsh Marri abducted along with one daughter.Bibi Noorbano wife of Mullah Nazar Mohammad abducted along with two children.

The relatives of abducted Baloch women also said that Bibi Sahto, 80-year-old mother of Washo Marri, has been tortured to death by Pakistan military in their custody and her dead body was dumped in the area.

According to the press release of relative more than other 40 women and Children have been whisked away from above-mentioned areas and 11 days have passed but still there is no news about their whereabouts.

They said that Pakistani forces have increased massive military operation in Bolan and they are violating international laws by abducting, torturing and killing non-combat Baloch civilians especially women and children. Pakistani forces have also killed livestock and destroyed crops of poor Baloch peasants in Bolan.

“The issue of enforced disappearances in Balochistan is already of grave concern and it has now become more serious because the Pakistan state forces have started abducting Baloch women and children,” said the relative in their press conference.

In their statement to media the relatives have urged journalists in Balochistan to perform their professional duties objectively and raise the issue of abduction of Baloch women and children on local and international media.

The Afghan Tribune | Web Desk |Published: November 19, 2015 12:04 PM

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