Balochistan: Reports of extrajudicial killings, enforced-disappearances as Pakistani military offensives continue

Several abducted and their houses destroyed during air strikes in Dera Bugti, Sibbi and Mastung. Five bodies of previously abducted persons, killed in a staged encounter, have been identified.

QUETTA: Balochistan national media sources reported Friday that Pakistani forces’ ground attacks and air strikes against Baloch people continue across Balochistan.

Pakistan Air Force reportedly pounded several regions of Dera Bugti Balochistan resulting several casualties and damage to properties.

Spokesperson of the Baloch Republican Party, Sher Mohammad Bugti, in a statement said that Pakistani forces have intensified their attacks against civilians.

“Gunship helicopters and thousands of ground forces have attacked civilian populations in Pailawagh, Ledav Patti, Chubdar, Loup, Sohrabi, Peeshani, Seekhun and Doe Wadh regions. Dozens of houses have been destroyed in these attacks and its feared that several people including women and children have been killed,” Mr Bugti’s statement read.

He said the affected areas were still under military siege and the lives of thousands of people were in danger.

Separately, on Friday evening Pakistani forces have abducted 19 people, mostly farmers, from Jaladi region of Sibbi Balochistan.

On Friday Pakistani FC and Levis in a joint operation have also abducted four people from Dasht area of Mastung Balochistan. The victims have been named as Mohammad Hanif son of Shahbaz, Allah Bakhsh son of Bakhtiyar Khan, Safar Khan son of Haji Sikandar and Mohammad Amin/Ameen son of Durani Khan.

Meanwhile, the identity of five bodies of previously abducted persons have been confirmed on Friday as that of Qaisar Khan son of Abdul Nabi Sumalani Baloch – resident of Sanjawal, Ramzan Pahlawanzai – resident of Sanjawal, Ahmad Khan Marri – resident of Yakho, Zaman Khan son of Mohammad Raheem Sumalani – resident of Sangaan and Mohammad Khan son of Yaro Marri – resident of Shahrag.

It is worth mentioning that Mohammad Khan Marri is the brother of Pasta Khan Chalgari Marri whose body was identified three days ago on (17/02/2015). The body of 70-year-old Chamu Mazarani Marri was also identified on the same day.

Local sources reported that all the victims were innocent civilians who were either farmers or nomads living in the areas. Pakistani forces abducted and disappeared these people during military attacks in Harnai, Sibbi and surrounding regions.

On February 13, 2016 Pakistani media, security forces and Balochistan Home Minister lied to the public by saying that these people were armed Sarmachaars (freedom fighters) and that they were killed in a gun battle.

Local people told Balochwarna News that these ten people were victims of enforced-disappearances and were abducted by Pakistani forces during previous military attacks.

On 15 February the pro-liberation Baloch resistance organisation – Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) has also issue a statement to media and rubbished the claims of Pakistani media and officials saying that Pakistani forces have killed many unarmed civilians and abducted more than 60 others during their attacks in Jaladi, Sangaan, Yakho, Sanjawal, Babar Kach and other surrounding areas of Harnai, Sibbi and Bolan regions of Balochistan.

The BLA in their statement said that Pakistani army was trying to conceal its crimes against humanity and killing of innocent people by issuing a false statement about killing of Baloch fighters.

The BLA in their statement has issued the name of following civilians who were abducted by Pakistani forces during different attacks. The people listed below are still in the custody of Pakistani forces and kept at undisclosed locations.

  1. Molla Madato along with two sons (3 persons from the same family)
  2. Bacho
  3. Gullo
  4. Neko (Nek Mohammad)
  5. Fakeer Dur Khan along with three sons (4 persons from the same family)
  6. Noor Khan
  7. Derak
  • Haji Mirz Ali along with two sons (3 persons from the same family)
  1. Wali Khan along with four brothers (5 persons from the same family)
  2. Imam Khan along with three sons (4 persons from the same family)
  3. Malik Tangai
  4. Mir Mohammad Raheem along with three sons (4 Persons form the same family)
  5. Jalal Khan
  6. Dohalo
  7. Murad Ali along with his son (2 persons from the same family)
  8. Ghazo along with two sons (3 Persons from the same family)
  9. Azal Khan along with his brother (2 persons from the same family)
  10. Salam along with his brother (2 persons from the same family)
  11. Lohar along with his son (2 persons from the same family)
  12. Maula Bakhsh along with his brother (2 people from the same family)
  13. Ghulam Shah along with two brothers and four children – sons and nephews) (7 persons from the same family)
  14. master Gull Hasan
  15. Haji Aziz
  16. Haji Mehrullah
  17. Qazu
  18. Akbar
  19. Jalat
  20. Mehrab

News in Brief from elsewhere in Balochistan

16/02/2016: In the early morning the Pakistani ground surrounded and attacked several regions of district Kalat including Shor, Paarod, Samalu and adjoining areas. Later in the day, six gunship helicopters also arrived for the support of ground forces and bombed the sieged regions killing livestock and destroying houses.

16/02/2016: Pakistani intelligence agencies and FC arrested 74 people from different localities of Quetta Balochistan and handed them over to Police for interrogation.

16/02/2016: Armed men (presumably plain clothed Pakistani officials) abducted Lal Mohammad Dehwar resident of Pareng Abad Mastung from Bolan Hotel near Luck Pass Balochistan.

17/02/2016: Pakistani forces attacked the houses in Naserabad region of district Kech Balochistan 4 am in the morning and abducted two persons. The victims were named as Nouroz Baloch son of Khodad and Aalam Baloch son of Fekeer. The FC spokesperson admitted arresting and shifting the two ‘suspects’ to an undisclosed location for interrogation.

18/02/2016: Pakistani FC, Police and security agencies abducted 18 people from Double Road and surrounding area of Quetta.

19/02/2016: Pakistani forced abducted two people from Lasbela and Harnai regions of Balochistan. 23 people have been arrested from Quetta’s Nawa Killi and Saryab Mill regions.

On the part of security forces are the violation of human rights and that VBMP strongly condemns the targeting of unarmed civilians.


The Afghan Tribune | Web Desk | Published: February 21, 2016, 01:17 PM


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