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sharjan-aftribunePrime Minister Nawaz Sharif on a recent visit went to the USA and meet President Obama. His visit foremost and important points were bilateral issues with Obama administration in the areas of economic cooperation, education, and Afghanistan. The important thing for Afghan is the new argument made by Islamabad foreign affairs expert to satisfy and realize the world that Pakistan is ultra-sincere to bring peace in Afghanistan. The argument as Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had uttered in his speech while addressing the United States Institute for Peace in Washington is itself a diplomatic scheme. He is not so much astute as a political personality to create or composed such kinds of complicated logical arguments about the foreign policy of Pakistan. Actually, the foreign affairs area falls under the purview of the military brass in Pakistan.

Political leaders just bath in the periphery of foreign affairs. The real swimmer is the military guys. Being the 35% major shareholder in Pakistan political formal economy is the real cause to push army in the civilian constitutional power framework. So, here we also guaranteed that what Nawaz uttering is originally made by GHQ expert. He said that Pakistan once again prepares to bring Taliban to peace talks if Ashraf Ghani wants to re-engage. He further concluded the argument that we cannot bring them to the table and kill them at the same time.

This argument based on a serious false postulation. First, the problem is not simple that bring them to the table or kill them at the same time. The question is that will Pakistan rollback from using these religious fanatics as foreign policy instrument against the Afghan state. These groups are not fighting against the government but against the modern Afghan state. Second, the contradiction which this logical statement exposing is not lies on Afghan side or other international powers, but this contrary approach is itself created by the Pakistani authorizes. It was Pakistan where the good and bad Taliban differentiation is first time has listened and used.

The deep association of the Pakistani state in the affairs of Afghanistan always attributes to the national interest and security. The retired senator and an analyst of regional affairs Afrasiab Khattak in his article “The Taliban albatross’’ explained the role of Pakistan in a very interesting way. He says that “ It is true that other regional players also backed horses of their own during that period, but no one turned their Afghan allies into this type of albatross around their necks’’.

Khattak further elaborates this official deep involvement in supporting the religious fascist proxies in Afghanistan in order to achieve friendly Kabul. He takes noticed of the interview of former President General Pervez Musharraf. General justified Pakistan’s support for Taliban after 9/11 against what he dubbed the Pro-Indian policies of former Afghan President Hamid Karzai. Khattak rightly quoted as evidence that “The regrouping and launching of Taliban after 9/11 is confirmed by no less a person than the former head of the state who also happens to be the former COAS. “ PM Nawaz Sharif also reiterated that military solution is elusive and negotiation is the best option for Afghan embargo. Being the godfather of this religious venture here also, Pakistan wants to adjust Taliban in the power center. In this statement PM Nawaz Sharif indirectly advocates and wants political adjustment for Taliban.

Most of the defense and strategic analysts in Pakistan consider Taliban as a national resistance movement in Afghanistan. This constructed discourse in Pakistan always ignores the other real section of the Afghan society who always opposed and resisted religious fundamentalism. The flaws of this constructed myth to consider Taliban as a national liberation movement are obvious. Because Taliban are not a conscious body and anti-exploitation discourse aware of their political goals. But in reality they are the product of some specific historical epoch. Their ideology based on metaphysics fighting for transnational agenda. This transnational agenda has some ideal religious goals assign to them from the divine scripture.

Thus, these higher common goals naturally bring them close. For example, according to some reliable sources, in northern Afghanistan, some other religious groups belong from different ethnicities are also joining Taliban rank. Especially, the fall of Kunduz to the hand of Taliban these different ethnic groups play very important role. But at the same time these religious groups also clashes fiercely with each other, when their economic interest, sect and sponsored boss fall under different lines of the quest. But at their popular shape there is no difference at all. Will Pakistan be ready to give the same political role to the TTP? If the answer is no then why Pakistan is advocating a broader political role for the Taliban in Afghanistan?

Or it is the burden of the Objective Resolution assigned to the foreign office to support everywhere radical Islam or at least Islam. Then why Pakistan supports the US attack against Taliban’s regime after 9/11, especially, if Pakistan can take such moveable step for their national security design. Then why Pakistan is not ready to see Kabul taking the similar measure for the interest of the Afghan state. If Pakistan can start a new fresh with Russia and sign the $ 2bn LNG pipeline project from Karachi to Lahore, in order to safeguard the interest of Punjabi bourgeoisie. Why the same kind of project is impossible with Jalalabad and Peshawar, or between Kandahar and Quetta. With the existence of such kinds of the insurgency, will the $ 45bn worth China-Pakistan economic corridor CPEC and gas pipelines project materialized. Certainly Islamabad and GHQ experts need to rethink and rebuild the Afghan policy. If peace is our common interest then why not benefit?

As our great poet, Suleman Layeq addressed another great poet of Pakhtunkhwa Ajmal Khattak, “Every drop of rain that falls over the Hindu Kush comes to your Attock and Abaseen (Indus). There is no other way out here (in Kabul). Everything that moves here will reach you just like our rivers’’.

And now second Sharif, Mr. Raheel Sharif to America, we will see what will become of his dreams?

Sher Jan Takal is an Associate Editor at the Strategic Center for International Relations.


The Afghan Tribune | Sher Jan Takal | Published: November 09, 2015 08:48 PM

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