Dirty Tactical Nuclear Bombs and its Hostility towards Afghanistan and India!

Pakistan as an Irresponsible State with Dirty Tactical Nuclear Bombs and its Hostility towards Afghanistan and India!

It is extremely concerning that Pakistan is engaged in an impervious program of making portable tactical dirty Bomb for possible wars against its adversaries. Given Pakistan’s track record of broken promises to external and internal obligations, and above all, its nuclear know-how proliferation to maverick rogue states such as Iran, Libya and North Korea, anything sort of dirty can be expected of it when it comes to Punjab interests.  What is more, IS with billions of dollars as a potential client has already expressed its clear intention to buy nukes from Pakistani army officers.

As a victim of Pakistan’s belligerence, Afghan nation has every reason to be concerned for its security regarding Pakistan’s irresponsible nuclear program which is now a permanent danger to regional and  international peace, given the IS presence in the region.

If Pakistani drug smugglers can get their drugs across Europe and American without being detected than providing courier to small tactical and dirty nuclear bombs across continents isn’t a big issue for Pakistan’s crafty secret agency, ISI.

On 28th May 1998 Pakistan carried nuclear tests on Baloch soil without the consent of Baloch people. 17 years have passed since then, but Pakistan never allowed any independent international environmental organization to visit the test site and assess the radioactive level in the Chagai Mountain where people are suffering from different types of radioactive related diseases. That test site of Chaig is very close to Afghan border. As a signatory of NPT and a responsible member nation of UN, Afghanistan has an obligation to play its national role against nuclear race in South Asia!

Afghanistan’s geostrategic position is highly tempting for negative forces such as ISIS and Taliban currently active in some of the rogue countries of South Asia and the Middle East.  Given the violence of the geopolitics of the region and Pakistan’s tilt towards Iran under Chinese leadership, it is highly likely that Pakistan once again would resume the dirty work of nuclear proliferation – this time around not just the technology of centrifuges, but the ready-made portable small tactical bombs to Iran under the carpet.

Afghanistan as a signatory of NPT has an obligation to urge the international community to register Pakistan into Security Council’s bad book for nuclear proliferation crimes it has committed in flagrant breach of international laws on different accounts. Firstly, Pakistan carried out nuclear tests in Balochistan against the will of Baloch people, despite the vehement protest of Baloch leadership against the tests and Baloch became the first victims of Pakistani nuclear tests.  Secondly, Pakistan, itself a rogue country, has committed the crime of nuclear proliferation to rogue nations, like Iran, Libya, and N. Korea. Thirdly, Pakistan has sheltered international terrorist organizations and their leaders in utter violation of Security Council’s resolutions.  Fourthly, Pakistan is involved in proxy wars against India and Afghanistan with ample evidences enough to qualify Pakistan for international economic sanctions.

The International community must not be taken in by the notion that if Pakistan disintegrated, its WMD would fall into the hands of religious extremist forces. Pakistan’s nuclear weapons aren’t heirless; they solely belong to Punjab, as entire Pakistan is micromanaged by her politicians and generals.  And the WMD and Jihadi forces together are Punjab’s strategic assets.

It must be reminded that world community didn’t bother to bail out Soviet Union when it was near to collapse, though, in terms of WMD possession, it had the largest stockpile of nukes at that time. Punjab must be held responsible for any mishaps to these weapons. All screws of nuke responsibilities around Punjab must be tightened.

Pakistan is anything but a state, it is a smokescreen of Punjab where everything is sold, from fake degrees to nuclear weapons, from Jihad to opium drug; you just name it.

The International community should not treat Pakistan as a holistic state entity; rather, it should be looked upon as a bunch of contrasting elements. As all its components are centrifugal, compressed into an entity called Pakistan by ultra-nationalist Punjabi generals serving their own national interests at the cost of peace and integrity of other nations under its domination.

Finally, Pakistan as an irresponsible state must be forced to surrender its nuclear weapons to international custody as it has forfeited its right to be regarded as a viable member state of United States.


The Afghan Tribune | Archen Baloch | Published: April 29, 2016, 12:48 PM


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