Ghani Family on the Wrong Track

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai has made a flood of promises to the poor, unemployed, and victims of terrorism during his election campaigns. He pledged to promote national unity, nation integration and confidence in all Afghan political parties and people. Finally, a historical election campaign was conducted with the warm contribution of all tribes, ethnicities, and parties in anticipation of the promises of President Ghani; specifically in security and bringing peace and restoring economic prosperity in Afghanistan.

Of course, President Ghani’s sincere effort for bringing peace is something everyone believes but he lacked political vision for tackling the internal crises and regional foes anti-Afghan policies. President Ghani should not give space to the elements to create split within the national unity.

Vice President Rasheed Dostum blamed President Ghani for favoring unqualified Ahmadzai tribal members in those important sectors of bureaucracy, government, and foreign affairs as well as tribal issues. It is an open secret that many of the Ahmadzai tribe professional cadres are jobless while holding their degrees of higher education, but President Ghani has turned a blind eye to others.

His uncle, Abdul Qayyum Kochai, is one of the people rejected by the government of Russia as the Ambassador of Afghanistan to Russia. He was complained for many wrong-doings by the people of Eastern, Northern, Southern, and Southern Eastern Afghanistan for meddling in their affairs.

Ex-President Hamid Karzai’s one dispute is this with President Ghani: that he should not sketch lines between the people of Afghanistan for the sake of ensuring his future policies.

One of the lecturers of Kabul University, Mr. Faiz Mohammad Zaland, has posted on his Facebook timeline, ‘President Ghani’s most family members are involved in corruption while bidding on mega projects.’

14606277_384283781903686_7746772297364455433_nGhani’s family member Abdul Qayyum Kochai’s recent visit to Khost Province has infuriated the people of Khost. One tribal elder, Gul Wali Khan, told the Afghan Tribune, ‘President Ghani has left us in the hands of corrupt administrators and government officials; he is not in favor while dealing with the matters of Khost.’

A civil rights activist, Faizullah Ghamkhor said, ‘President Ghani has given a long list of promises to the people of Afghanistan. He promised that he will visit Khost and ask about the problems of the people of Khost. But we got Mr. Kochai and I am sure there is nothing from his visit but to create division within the tribes of Khost.’

President Ghani needs to avoid appointing his family members. They should not be meddling in the affairs of Afghanistan’s tribal structure and political decisions. First Lady, Rula Ghani understands how to promote the confidence of women and work for democratic values but Kochai’s approach to the national matters is really perilous and needs to be stopped immediately.

Tribal affairs and national issues is something very sensitive and crucial in the current state. This needs a proper team and support of the experts to be answered rather than promoting it in a negative direction.

The bigger picture is culture. Afghanistan has always relied on nepotism to consolidate and grow its power base. All the warlords put those from their own family and tribe first. How many Karzais do we still find in government? How many friends of Dr. Abdullah do we find in government? How many people has Vice President Dostum appointed? Were they all truly the best qualified for the position… we think we all know that answer.

The question is: is President Ghani appointing those closest to him because of nepotism, or to simply balance the scales against others?  We think we would all like to see a list of appointees from the powerbrokers such as Ghani, Rabanni, Dostum, Noor, and Abdullah. I’m sure it would paint a clearer picture of just how far the rot goes.


The Afghan Tribune | Editorial | Published: October 30, 2016, 10:03 AM

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