Hamayun: Brussels Conference a Milestone Track for Progressing Afghanistan

12801401_410311972472468_8513926665895008673_nAfghan Parliamentarian, Hamayun Hamayun, age 41, is one of the important decision makers and a prominent political figure from Khost Province. He enjoys the gratitude of the Central Government in Kabul and is looked to for advice. He is also a political and security expert and is a direct contributor in the current struggle to deliver to the people holistic development. He believes that it would be a hallmark of success if the elements within and outside of Afghanistan could provide assistance until the forthcoming 2019 Presidential Election and assist President Ghani in implementing his plans and policies. Mr. Hamayun replied the questions of Afghan Tribune during an interview;

The Afghan Tribune: What is the best possible way to Govern Afghanistan in this situation according to you, why do you think so, and what can be done to make sure that system is implemented?

Hamayun: It is quite common in Afghanistan to lead the nation through traditional approaches but the current government has gone through a modern way of establishing, reforming and structuring modern institutes. There are many challenges the nation faces, but a better way is to identify the problems and find and fix the problems as Afghanistan was lacking for so many years.

The Afghan Tribune: How much impact do you think this Brussels conference will have and why?

Hamayun: The Brussels Conference is one of the key platforms, and an opportunity for the people, and politicians of Afghanistan to prove that Afghanistan is no longer going to be the hub of poverty, with weak & corrupt institutions and haven to terrorism. Gallant steps for regional connectivity and the initiation made by the new government are commendable and need our enduring support in all walks of life for the progress of Afghanistan. This Conference will bring betterment in the lives of Afghan people and will certainly influence the security situations in the country. I hope, now the country’s institutions are not like the previous one as the government has brought major reforms in its structure and work management. So I hope the aid of the international community will spend in a much better way than ever before.

The Afghan Tribune: How has President Ghani has done so far and what more should he do next?

Hamayun: President Ghani’s approach toward transferring the society from traditional to a modern one is also facing some critical challenges from the mafias, corrupt bureaucrats, warlords, power brokers, alien media and lack of policy makers in Afghanistan. President Ghani’s honest policy towards its neighbors, regional, and international powers brings hope for tackling the national and regional downturn. For the first time, President Ghani assured the regional powers that their policies include the interest of the region. Afghanistan will play a big role as the heart of it for peace and regional integration.

13226869_441310476039284_6858457939788433396_nThe Afghan Tribune: Just one last question, what are the best solutions have you suggest to President Ghani to solve all the problems, as much as possible, within the next 2 years?

Hamayun: Corruption still rules. So, the first thing will be to make a Single Sourced All Encompassing Enterprise Management System which will make each and every Government transactions paperless. That will holistically control all Financial functions and transactions electronically, so that, corruption is controlled as much as possible – for all large, medium and small transactions. Afghanistan is more or less a Narco-state. Enough irrigation and water conservation techniques along with cost effective Green House techniques are required to encourage farmers to substitute Opium for Saffron. This is not a small feat but can be done. Afghan security forces remain weak. This is a massive problem and a large amount of Diplomatic cooperation is required to make it stronger soon with the help of Allied nations who are concerned about terrorism. Afghan Government can’t fund itself. A Solution for this is accepting help from supporting nations to help and grow the SMEs and not fund the non-profits only for short term projects.

A long-term holistic growth is required and for that Sustainable Development of Small and Medium Enterprises is the only way to start. Contracts and oversight are a mess and Afghan officials can’t manage US aid. We need a proper Afghan International Professional (got their degrees and experience from foreign countries) team to support locals to make a proper System first, and then a Process Mechanism to explain what Operations Management is and how to minimize waste. And then after that, these Experts will be there to make sure Lean Project Management is properly implemented overall.


The Afghan Tribune | Interview | Published: October 05, 2016, 10:07 AM

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