Helmand’s Catastrophe

WAR IN HELMAND and government nonchalance leads residents life into catastrophic from the formation of the national unity government. Taliban’s influence because of the local & national mafia, opium traders, lack of good governance, lack of civil services endowment to the people, ANSF top-ranked officials illegal anticipations and Helmand geographical & geopolitical location are the main reasons behind the current chaos in Helmand Province.

These all have left no choice for the local people but to keep a distance from the Afghan Government where it has an absolute impact on the ANSF morals in the battleground because the soldiers are feeling broken inside when they are not loved and supported by their own people.

Afghanistan National Unity Government inborn with well secured central and southern areas and relatively good secured northern areas of Helmand Province, which was the upshot of the sacrifices of thousands of soldiers of the ANSF and ISAF and a spent $ billions on military operations, stabilization, and development. The national unity government was only to maintain the situation which required only millions, good eyesight, leadership and connection with its people. Unfortunately, everything has gone contrary, the national unity government was/is unable to retain the achievements of the last 14 years which government was responsible for doing so, by all means.

The war this year has caused the government $ billions and loss of thousands soldiers and as well displaced thousands of families, just because of the so-called tactical retreat and having Taliban to be in control of the districts where Taliban have demolished all governmental institutions, schools, clinics, roads, bridges, culverts and military bases.

The national unity government does not have a solid war strategy to push back against Taliban and other terrorist groups and help people who are struggling for peace and prosperity.

What the people of Helmand deserves is one really serious and substantive interrogation of Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah about putting an end point to multifaceted difficulties, excruciating pain and unpredictable condition that Helmandes are currently facing and or will face with. The National Unity Government must have the tools available to respond crisis in a timely manner or will lose its value and reliance against the people of other provinces as well, which will then detach the nation from the government and at that point, it will be a catastrophe for the government to survive.


The Afghan Tribune | Ezatullah Pajan | Published: March 06, 2017, 09:45 AM

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