Human Rights Violation and Military Operation in Balochistan


Mir Daad Baloch an inhabitant of the southern district of Balochistan, Awaran told to the Afghan Tribune that “Pakistan Army targets the Baloch innocents and they displaced many families in results of blind airstrikes. He also reported that Baloch nation is the most victims of their policies and their students of air force kill innocent Baloch people during military exercises.”

The President of Baloch National Party, Manan Baloch also adds: “Pakistan Army ignited our relatives and political worker’s houses and there is no one to investigate the matter that why Pakistan has carried out this operation.”

Baloch Nation is struggling since 1948 for free Balochistan. They have laid down their heads, resources and other material comforts for the cause to get freedom and lead a peaceful life. The International Human Rights Commission has already complained to Pakistan for finding missing persons, but no action has been taken since now by Pakistan.

The Afghan Tribune Web Desk | Published: October 29, 2015 04:55 PM

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