Human Rights Violation in Balochistan

Balochistan Pasni: Pakistani Forces and intelligence agencies detained and disappeared the younger brother of senior Baloch journalist Javed Saeed from school. According to details, on Friday evening at 4’o clock in coastal city of Balochitan, Pasni, the forces and intelligence agencies detained Mr. Ishfaq Saeed, the younger brother of senior Baloch journalist and News Editor of “Daily Tawar” Javed Saeed, during exams in Higher Secondary School, and shifted him to an undisclosed location.

Still there is no news about him. After Ishfaq Saeed’s abduction, the family is so much worried about him. The Abduction of innocent people is a daily routine in Balochistan. Journalists, intellectuals, poets, doctors, lawyers, teachers, students, shepherds, fishermen and laborer along with women and children are being detained and disappeared in the name of search operations, then their mutilated dead bodies are thrown in desolated areas of Balochistan but media and human rights organizations have kept silent on this heinous crimes committed by Pakistani forces. The Custodial killing has been increased in Pakistan which is an extremely serious situation. Commenting on the abduction of his brother, Baloch journalist Javed Saeed said that establishment has set a complete restriction on freedom of expression. In last five years “Daily Tawar” has taken forward its publications by keeping secret its offices.

Earlier, Javed Naseer Rind, Haji Razzaq, Lala Hameed, Razzaq Gul and some other journalists working for “Tawar” were abducted and later their mutilated dead bodies were found. He said that abduction of my brother is a threat for me to quit my affiliation from “Tawar” and follow the yellow journalism, which is not possible. I appeal international human rights and media institutions to play their role in order to prevent the state interference in media because journalists from Balochistan are facing death threats for protecting the genuine and true values of journalism.


The Afghan Tribune | Web Desk | Published: December 07, 2015, 11:26 AM

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