Human Rights Violation in Baluchistan

QUETTA: At least two people have been killed and more than twenty abducted during the second consecutive day military offensives in Makran region of Balochistan on Saturday.

Local sources reported that Pakistani forces started military offensives in Goburd and Balicha regions of Mand Balochistan on early hours of Saturday morning. The occupying forces looted and set several houses on fire. Baloch women and children were subjected to verbal abuses and harassment during the house-to-house searches.

At least two Baloch youth were killed when the military opened indiscriminate firing at peaceful inhabitants of Goburd and Balicha. The latest victims of Pakistani state brutality have been named a Waris son of Rasool Bakhsh and Salman son of Fateh Mohammad Baloch.

Pakistan military offensives have become frequent in Makran region and district Kech of Balochistan since the China-Pakistan deal about Gawadar which the Baloch people strongly oppose.

Pro-freedom Baloch parties in Balochistan have long been complaining that Pakistan army and other security agencies are committing crimes against humanity in Balochistan to appease China and to clear deterrence to China-Pakistan Economic Corridor – the CPEC.


The Afghan Tribune | News Desk | Published: October 16, 2016, 11:09 PM

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