Iranian Government is not less than ISIS or Taliban

Afghanistan is suffering law and order situations, warlords’ crimes and failure government. Furthermore, poor bureaucracy is adding insult to the injuries of the nationals. Billions of dollars came and misplaced but still we are the witnesses of severe backwardness, tribalism, and poverty. On the other side, the Taliban and ISIS have been fueling the current misery of Afghan people; they have a separate court system in Paktika, Takhar, Baghlan, Kapisa, Fara provinces and some other outskirts of Afghanistan where they control now these elements from the other side of Durand Line, Tal City.

They are hanging the Afghan people where the government of Afghanistan has no writ. They are violating the human rights and freedom of speech in the rural areas of Afghanistan but the government and the international community are just seeing them with zero-solution.

On the one side the judicial and non-judicial killings of Taliban and ISIS in the Pashtun Belt have been kept hidden and on the other hand, the same judicial and state-sponsored killings of Baloch and Sunnis are going on in Iran. This killing is not something hidden from the international community or government of Iran but very clear and very open and the government of Iran also call on the people to see the judicial killings of poets, philosophers, secular, communist and progressive religious minded people before hanging, so the people couldn’t dare to participate in their gathering and preaches.

Recently, Shahindokht Mollaverdi, the vice president of Iran in the cabinet of Hassan Rouhani in the section of Women and Family Affairs, criticized the removal of legislation to support the families of those executed in the Fifth Development Plan and said “as we know all men of a village in Sistan and Baluchistan were executed by Gallows”, the governmental news agency Mehr expressed.

The story of execution not only limits to Iran or militia of Afghanistan but the Saudi and Pakistani authorities including Army and Kingdom have also established anti-human courts for hanging the intellectuals and philosophers and freedom fighters.

The international community and Amnesty International need to probe about the illegal activities of state-based killings in Iran, Saudi, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. They should immediately call on an international meeting for creating investigative committee against these all crimes of state sponsoring elements.


The Afghan Tribune | Editorial| Published: February 27, 2016, 11:50 AM

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