Kerry Visit and National Unity Government’s Responsibilities! 

Certainly, there are vital differences between President Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah on national and international affairs. They have spent most of their energies on internal conflicts; however, they couldn’t satisfy their respective egos. There are serious challenges nation faces on national level including the threat from Taliban attacks and unruly warlords, besides administrative and structural public service failure as well.

Both leaders have been stuck in their personal problems and there is no prospect of addressing the problems of the general public of Afghanistan. All major ministerial and managerial seats are largely vacant and a large number of youth remained without jobs during last eighteen months.

No significant reforms were made during eighteen months and people are losing trust on their leaders. Insecurity, social disorder and unemployment are something people are mostly concerned about and are eager to see a quick change in the leadership.

The internal conflicts and quarrelsome attitudes of the leaders, on the one hand, are forcing people to see a new change in the leadership and on the other; this is giving space to the insurgents and they are gaining ground in the remote areas of the country where the government has no security and administrative control.

US Secretary of State John Kerry landed in Kabul on Saturday on a preplanned visit to apparently show support for the Afghan Unity Government and the peace process with the insurgents but the reality is something else. He will meet Afghan president Ashraf Gani and the chief executive Abdulla and ask them to resolve their differences on urgent basis.  Certainly, he will also ask both leaders not to undermine the agreement they made on the request of the United States because they are not in a position to see any prominent change in the Afghan government before the presidential elections in the United States.

The US Secretary of State has many things to do including the Syrian conflict, the USA interest in the Central and South Asia and the ongoing menace of the ISIS and as well the role of the Pakistan Army between Iran and the Saudi Kingdom.

Afghan government needs to resolve its conflicts through dialogue within its limit rather than involving external forces. The streets of Kabul are full of jobless youth whispering against the poor performance of the both leaders and they are blaming the United States for the poor selection results which led to the establishment of the National Unity Government in Kabul.

Afghan people do not regard interference as a positive sign in their national affairs; because, these interventions will give space to more chaotic situations at a time when the Afghan National Army is engaged in the war against the enemy forces and anti-state actors.

The Afghan national unity government needs to immediately address the issues of the social justice of Afghan people and the state also needs to deliver what it promised to public in a better way than the previous Karzai government. Most of the people now miss the period of ex-president Hamid Karzai for his charismatic leadership.

Finally, Afghanistan needs to address the national and international strategic issues with major powers rather than wasting time on internal conflicts. The geopolitics of the region is changing all aspects of the economy and politics of South and Central Asia.  Therefore, as a key player in the region, Afghanistan should look into all possibilities that lead us to a safe destiny where our general public can enjoy peace and prosperity!


The Afghan Tribune | Editorial | Published: April 10, 2016, 09:25 AM

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