Omari Operation Rubs Salt to Afghanistan’s Wounds  

The Taliban have announced the start of their spring offensives on Tuesday vowing to carry out large-scale attacks against government installations and security forces by resorting to suicidal attacks and guerrilla warfare tactics to topple Afghanistan’s democratic government in Kabul. The announcement of the start of “Omari Operation”, which is named after Taliban founder Mullah Mohammad Omar, says that “Jihad against the aggressive and infidel army is a holy obligation upon our shoulders and it is our only recourse for re-establishing an Islamic system and regaining our independence”.

At least 64 people were killed and hundreds wounded when a Taliban truck bomb tore through central Kabul Tuesday, most of the victims were common people and passengers. The Taliban claim the responsibility of the attack but deny the killing of common people as usual.

The ‘Omari Operation’ suggests that it is a Pakistani pattern of nomenclature and it carries the footprint of Pakistani designs. Solid facts suggest that Pakistan would never allow Afghanistan to become a stable country and its people to enjoy a prosperous peaceful life. Let us not forget what Pakistan’s ideology father, General Zia, had said regarding Afghanistan’s future “The water in Afghanistan must boil at the right temperature.” Pakistan’s unjustified war against Afghanistan has forced Afghans to live in abject poverty.

The UN and International Amnesty have already issued the facts figures as suggest that the Afghan people are suffering a lot at the hands of Taliban. Taliban attacks, backed by the Pakistani Army, have forced common people to live under abject poverty line.

Recently, Ismail Khan, a warlord and ideological sympathizer of fundamentalists in Afghanistan denounced Dr. Najibullah for his progressive rule in Afghanistan; however, he faced a harsh reaction from Afghan people. Afghan people say that Taliban only target common people of the country and they are the worst victims of Taliban’s insurgency after the assassination of ex-Afghan President Dr. Najibullah in 1996.

Mr. Aimal has told Afghan Tribune in an interview that “Warlords and Taliban are not forgettable and now they are regarded as the black chapter in the Afghan history and they don’t have the power to topple the Afghan government.”

The genuine concerns are also there when we glance through the performance of the government; we find that there are many elements within the government of Afghanistan who support the fundamental ideology of the terrorists. In order to address the concerns of the people of Afghanistan, the Afghan government needs to probe these elements and weed them out.

Pakistan has already admitted to the international media that “They have control over Taliban, and, their families and leaders are safe and enjoying the rights of being citizens of Pakistan.” Pakistan is missing no chance to play a double game with Afghan people and however, it is also increasing the possibilities of ruining its own multi-billion dollars project China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, CPEC, by promoting terrorism in the region. At the same time, they are in search of excuses to denounce the influence of India in the region by the propagation of RAW involvement in Balochistan freedom movement in order to ruin the kickoff of Chahbahar port’s function.

The recent terror attacks in Paris and Brussels are suggestive of linkages to Pakistani seminaries and it is a worrisome trend for world’s peace and stability. The recent Taliban Omari Operation have not only disturbed the peace of mind of Afghan people but also it has now become a  source of hatred against Pakistan in Afghanistan and it eventually paves the way of more Indian support for  Afghanistan in terms of aids and services.

Immediately, Pakistan needs to reconsider its offensive policy against the people of Afghanistan and the region for durable peace and security in Afghanistan and region as well.


The Afghan Tribune | Editorial | Published: April 20, 2016, 11:13 AM


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