Pakistan Army’s Malicious Activities Causing Regional Instability

For several years, Pakistan army and its Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) are betraying its allies United States and misleading UN. But during the past three decades however, United States and United Nations failed to hold Pakistan’s accountable for wrongdoing. But, secular Baloch people are now saying it’s time for United States and United Nations to noticed Pakistan army and ISI gross human rights violations and war crimes in Baluchistan.

In truth, the Pakistan army and Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) are the central catalysts of regional and international instability. They have been playing this role since 1979 during the Soviet invasions of Afghanistan then betraying United Sates as trusted allies. All the while incubating this monster; the Taliban’s who used to be the Mujahedeen friends of the United States and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Due to US misplaced trust and own wrong policies, these former friends are now fighting against US & NATO interests. Since the Pakistani-based “Al-Qaeda” terrorist group’s 9/11 World Trade Center attack in New York; Pakistan has blatantly deceived its decades-long US ally, all the while cashing in for billions of dollars. All the while they were sheltering the world most wanted man Osama Bin Laden next to its Pakistan Army Academy catchments areas very near the capital city of Pakistan for five years.

Similar to the Osama Bin Laden case, Pakistan has once again recently exposed their lies to the world; this times regarding the former Taliban decades a Supreme Leader Mullah Omar.  Pakistan has sheltered the Wanted Terrorist Leader since his retreat from Afghanistan.  Now they have attempted to hide his death to facilitate continued business cooperation with the US and keep cashing billions of dollars to fight the very terrorists they created and sheltered.  While the Pakistan army posed as fake mediators between Taliban’s & Afghanistan government, the long-delayed news of Mullah Omar’s death has leaked to the media.

Pakistan army and its government also misled the UN and world when it’s scientists Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan “The Merchant of Menace” was implicated in facilitating nuclear weapons technology to the Iranians.  Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan was the chief scientist in charge of the series of 5 nuclear weapons tests in Balochistan in May of 1998.  These nuclear bomb blasts had severe irreversible effects on the environment of the region, and resulted in the displacement of thousands of nomadic Baloch people.   Even today children in the region still suffer from diseases and illnesses linked to the nuclear blasts.

Now, once more Pakistan is lying through its puppet provincial government of Balochistan to the UN and hiding the truth; for the last 10 years, the Pakistan army is indiscriminately bombarding Baloch civilian’s town’s killings Baloch Children, Women, and elders. Pakistan’s pro-army media is hiding the truth from the world by distorting the facts. The Pakistan army abducted more than 20,000 and thousands more extra-judicially killed while in custody. They are engaged in serious war crimes in Balochistan and it’s the UN’s responsibility based on humanitarian ground to investigate and take action for the Baloch people.


The Afghan Tribune | Aziz Baloch | Published: December 23, 2015, 04:43 PM


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