Pakistan Re-Partition Means Free Balochistan

The state which vows to fulfill the needs of all its individuals is not ready without its vested interest and they are also not ready to give up their personal comforts for the sake to make the nation prosper. Pakistan can’t work as a rational or an evolutionary state like the Western European states. The Pakistani state, when it came to power, most foresighted political and philosophical personalities protested its existence. But the objective realities diverted the situation into the form of a proletariat class, Pakistan creation brought havoc and slaughtering for more than a million Hindustanis in Punjab on the both sides of the border known as the Waga Border, in 1947. This killing was just to stop the revolution in Hindustan where many communists and humanists worked hard for change one of whom was M. N Roye. But, the loathing and genocide of the poor class didn’t give place to the modern concept of Clash of Civilization of Huntington, so today still continues the effort for the reintegration of the Punjabi nation.

This means that the national question is still unresolved, which is why today Punjabis, Pakhtuns, Sindhis, Saraikis, Urdu, Balochs, Gujarati and Kashmiris stand asking for separate political, geographical and economic rights and powers from the Pakistani establishment. There is no enmity among the public of Pakistan but the denationalization and deprivation of nations, compelled to turn the tables and pave the way of hatred against the orthodox corrupt state of Pakistan, where Baloch nationalists started their own state within a state struggle after martyring of Bugti and also before the creation of Pakistan.

We can see the open activities of Baloch nationalists:  it is a common deed for them to kill all those Punjabis in their areas working for the Pakistani establishment, they don’t allow to government schools to play the national anthem of Pakistan during the school opening times, they don’t allow the supporters of state to raise the half white and green flag of the Pakistani state.

The very important question is why Baloch demand a separate state of Balochistan from Pakistan. This is because of decades of denationalization and denaturalization of the people of Balochistan. As one Baloch news website claims: “We know that Balochistan is Pakistan’s largest province comprising approximately 43 per cent of the total land area and supporting a population of more than 7 million people. It is rich in a number of valuable minerals including vast copper and natural gas deposits. However, the sad fact is that while the entire country benefits from these resources, Balochis themselves are handed a meager royalty for them and nothing else.”

A case study shall illustrate the point. Natural gas deposits were discovered in Balochistan in 1953. Household and commercial gas was supplied to Punjab from this source since as far back as 1964. But royalties were offered to Quetta only in 1980 (the amount of this paid royalty is constant ever since) and it was connected with a gas supply in 1986. And today, as even Sindh’s remote areas enjoy the facility, out of Balochistan’s 26 districts, only four are supplied with gas.

It is this provincial inequality that has fiercely triggered the sense of deprivation among Baloch masses. Even the provincial governments have been severely inhibited in their efforts to improve conditions because of the fact that Islamabad takes direct decisions over policies governing the province.

Secret negotiations are in progress between Baloch leaders and international and regional supporters on the international level. The recently hold meetings were not run of the mill, but very high ranking meetings done in Europe. On the other side, some hidden struggles have been promoting sectarian divisions in Balochistan. As we recently witnessed, about one hundred innocent people were killed in Balochistan in sectarian clashes, and the responsible elements are not Al-Qaeda or the Taliban but rather the Pakistani establishment in their struggle with Baloch Liberation Party for an Independent Balochistan.

The Pashtun national question is also a burning question in Balochistan and can be suspected for many reasons and we can mulling over that this partition can lead to make indolent and weak the Baloch freedom struggle against Pakistan.

The literal movement is going on in Sindh against the establishment of Pakistan. Their prose, poetry, and daily expressed emotions are all against the state and its supporters. There are leftist and Marxist forces working in large numbers where they stand totally against the policies of establishment and they are literally insisting on a separate state where they could make their future decisions without of interruption of black sheep. But the MQM is the hurdle in front of this movement which was brought in power by ISI under the leadership of Jamat-e-Islami ex-party member Altaf Hussain, then later converted into a pure corrupt and targeted killing gang for the purpose of stopping the revolutionary movement by Sindhi but now the case has been changed as they are also calling for rights.

The Hindustanis on the both sides want to be one as both sides of Pakhtuns, Kurd, and Baloch. But the major powers don’t want to give the chance to the masses to decide their fate. A well-known Baloch freedom fighter, Hyrbyair Marri, states with confidence: “I have recently expressed my views in a news statement which I would like to repeat here on this occasion of Baloch-Pashtun Unity Day, ‘The key to peace in Afghanistan and the region is independent Balochistan, Pakistan occupied Baloch land at gunpoint and now it is busy looting Baloch natural resources to strengthen its terrorist army. Due to the strategic importance of occupied Balochistan, Pakistan is becoming a threat to Baloch nation’s historical ally Afghanistan and countries in this region.’”

The grandson of Bugti has given an interview to the British Broadcasting Corporation in London that he wouldn’t refuse, if New Delhi offered him help: “Everybody seeks help to defend himself and we may even seek help from the United States and the United Nations.”

Furthermore, just recently refreshed his stand on Balochistan, and said, “It is very encouraging for me, personally, and for the Baloch people who have been struggling for their independence for so long. I thank PM Modi and hope this will continue as India’s policy. India must raise the issue of human rights violations, systematic genocide by Pakistan’s army, just like it happened in Bangladesh.”

“Every day, we receive news of dead bodies of Baloch people being killed…in Quetta, you saw the whole cream of legal community being killed few days ago. This has to stop, and India can do a lot.”

“For this, I would request Indian cinema to make movies, the top producers and directors, and movie stars like Amitabh Bachchan and Shahrukh Khan to act in them. Amitabh can play the role of my grandfather very well,” he said.

While Hyrbyair Marri further adds on the historical Baloch-Pashtun Unity Day, “Today there is a greater need of unity between Baloch and Afghans to counter Pakistani state terrorism against Balochistan and Afghanistan. If the Afghans want peace and prosperity in their country, they should support the Baloch freedom struggle because an independent Balochistan will never allow the terrorists from Punjab to interfere and destroy Afghanistan’s peace.”

“Independent Balochistan and stable Afghanistan can play a pivotal role in peace and stability in the region and become strong allies of the international community in fight against extremism and global terrorism.”

We Afghans, the region, India, and now China, are really concerned about the brutal and vicious history of the Pakistani Army and its establishment. When we talk about a peaceful region and economic development, the fulfilling of these dreams is impossible without convincing Pakistan and its murderous intelligence wing named Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) to cease meddling. Desperately, we can’t get the confidence of the Pakistani masses, because their mindset and thinking are totally imprisoned and confused by the ISI. The Pakistani army and the ISI are both bad and fair weather friends in all difficulties, making the Pakistani nation fools. Their day and night friendship and nefarious designs against the masses of Pakistan is hard to expose. The Pakistani spy agency is not only a threat to the Pakistani public, but a deep concern for the stability of the Middle East, Central Asia, and South Asia.

According to the Pakistani centered television Geo, the Pakistani establishment trained militants are involved in 90% terrorist attacks, which took place on the American forces, NATO forces, Russian forces (Chechnya), Israeli forces, Bosnian forces and on the Afghan National Army. But still Pakistan is a state with injustice, inequality, irrationality and a live state on the map of the world. A year ago, the tribunal had demanded custody of a former chief of the ISI, Javed Nasir, a retired lieutenant general, for his alleged support to Muslim fighters of Bosnia against the Serbian army in the 1990s, despite an embargo by the United Nations. Islamabad informed the court that the former general had ‘lost his memory’ following a recent road incident, and was, therefore, unable to face any investigation into the matter.

The major world powers need to decide about the fate of Balochistan, Kashmiris and other ethnic groups of Pakistan, as well as the Afghans. The objective realities show that Pakistan is lacking a peaceful solution and now the world needs to make a decision.


Mr. Khan Wali Khan Basharmal has long worked with both national and international organizations and ministries and currently acts as the General Director of the Strategic Center for International Relations and Editor-in-Chief of its quarterly publication.

The Afghan Tribune | Khan Wali Khan Basharmal | Published: August 22, 2016, 10:14 AM


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