Raheel Sharif Visit A Sign of Strategic Depth


Perhaps America understands the pseudo-democratic behavior of Pakistan. That’s why the Americans want to speak to the right person, at the right time and right price. Pakistan Army Chief Raheel Sharif has already explained to its political institutes that army should have to be eulogized and honored. All the major policies about the economy, politics, military and foreign affairs and as well specifically about Afghanistan, should be explained and approved from the Army of Pakistan. The establishment has also explained that the dealing on the sake of Pakistan’s interest in Afghanistan is the only right of Pakistan Army.

Nawaz Sharif has departed for White House with many hopes and agenda’s items but when the Americans came to know that the person is still not powerful then they also informed the prime minster to send the right person, generally an iron man, the statesmanlike person, Raheel Sharif, and the one who is close ties with American officials.

Now, someone should ask the government of Pakistan that then why you are spending on voting, and what does mean by filling the political chairs, parliament, and so-called opposition? Why someone should call the government of Pakistan, a democratic and people elected? So the statement has just recently given by the prime minister of Pakistan, Mian Nawaz Sharif, “the enemies of Afghanistan cannot be friends of Pakistan”, not this only but he emotionally added that “the enemy of Afghanistan within Pakistan will be crushed and we will not allow anyone to disturb the peace of Afghanistan.”

But, soon later after his statement; Kabul city took a bath in blood, and dozens of bomb blasts were witnessed. The open gatherings of Afghan enemies took place in the major cities of Pakistan and the Pakistani establishment directly sponsored the events through media and they have gone thoroughly to prove them Pakistan’s assets.

So, this means he is also but more statesmanlike person than Raheel and he is nothing in practice but generally in Pashto “tash boos badawi.”  The international community should try to promote democracy, freedom of speech and public opinion in Pakistan instead of “One Man Show” and the military mafia and religious fundamentalism where good practical instances are Jamaat e Islami, Lashker Jahangwi and other assets of Pakistan Army.

There should be a serious notice of Raheel Sharif statement that, “Our enemies live within us and look like us.” Pakistan Army has no right to decide the future of Afghan people, but the Afghans believe that they can decide  their future.

The Afghan Tribune | Web Desk| Published: November 16, 2015, 10:55 AM

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