Say No to Afghan Militias

Haji Zahir, the son of the late warlord Haji Qadir, apparently emotional figure, is cashing reputation in the name of his father for a long time, and now trying to talk about establishing independent militias in Nangarhar province instead of answering the constitutional issues of the Afghan parliament. Nangarhar province is one of the cultural, trade zone and transactions based province of Afghanistan.

This is not the only first instance, but we witnessed when the current Foreign Minister Salahuddin Rabbani, son of the late warlord, Burhanuddin Rabbani, moved to local areas of the North of Afghanistan, and encouraged the people to hold the weapons and fight against the ISIS. He also promised that he will help in uniting the ex-warlords.

Interestingly, now they are on the high ranking governmental posts of Afghan Government but failed to address the problems of the people of Afghanistan in the current system. Surprisingly, how will they answer the problems of Afghan community through illegal and non-government militias when they can’t address the problems through legal government structure?

We have very bad experience about militias in the past. The same militia ransacked, deceived, killed the Afghan masses and they had violated all the national and international constitutional laws in their history. Actually, they were the pillars of civil wars and human rights violation. Now, they are not happy with the current status and power but greedy of getting more and more power to pressurize the government or any other major entity of the government. Certainly, this happens when no political party exists and the political process of the masses gets a stop.

Now, this is a burning question for the national and international entities that why they allow people like Atta Muhammad Nur, Haji Zahir, Mohammad Mohaqiq, and Rabbani for doing all illegal activities all the way through using their official power against the people of Afghanistan.

Mostly, human rights reports tell us that the local mafia, militias, and groups are involved in undermining public opinion, freedom of speech and women rights. Many organizations have reported rape cases against them.

Might is right, but now they are not as much might as they could challenge the writ of the current government. The government should take measure to investigate about their official power.

Now, Afghanistan has a national constitution and constitutionally, the decisive right of declaring war against any other country or group goes to the President of the country. Not to those emotional setups as they challenged and undermined the government writ in the past, but they are again doing it in the course of threatening the government.

Afghanistan’s government should investigate who are encouraging them for establishing their owned militias within Afghanistan and of course, it can lead to disintegrate the Afghan nation. It would be a step to the past, not to future.

The Afghan Tribune | Editorial | Published: November 25, 2015 09:54 AM


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