SCIR, the Strategic Center for International Relations, is a non-governmental organization based in Kabul, Afghanistan.  SCIR researches and analyzes Afghan policies in the fields of diplomacy, security and economic cooperation vis-à-vis regional and international powers. With a motto of “Afghanistan—an Intellectual Hub of Asia’’—the Center seeks to associate academic research on Afghanistan through policy debate with credible data and information as it engages with Asia and rest of the world on the basis of inclusive argument and a rational epistemology. The SCIR aims to promote an open dialogue on the reconciliation process among different political stakeholders for a long-term and sustainable peace in Afghan society. Afghanistan, at the crossroads of Asia, has been stifled in its economic and political development as a result of its critical geostrategic position wherein both global and regional powers have made it a zone of conflicting interests and ideologies. SCIR advocates that Afghanistan transition from being a battleground for proxies into a secure cooperative economic trade hub at peace with all regional and international powers. SCIR rejects all forms of prejudicial behavior whether based on race, religion, gender, social background or peaceful political orientation, while strongly supporting international cooperation with a regional South and Central Asian focus.


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