The Deteriorating Situation in Afghanistan and The Strategic failure of International powers

Hafeez - Afghan TribuneIt is an undeniable fact that the disaster in Afghanistan could first and foremost have chilling effects on the region and then on the entire world. The International powers agree that Pakistan has been using Afghanistan as her source of income where it promoted Jihadist terrorism in the name of Islam and received substantial funds from international powers.  Pakistan also claims that it has been at the forefront in fight against global terrorism but it [Pakistan] has been spending the resources, derived in name of fight against terrorism, to increase its military strength and to support its religious proxies. Hence, the strategy of Afghanistan and its allied nations could not be fruitful because on the one hand Pakistan is adding more fuel to the International terrorism, on the other hand it plays victim to gain access to policy making process of war effected nations in order to find out their strategies then plans counter strategies and to informs its national assets – the religious terrorist groups.

The Soviet Union leadership was aware of Pakistan’s cunningness and they could have even straightened this crookedness, but at that time the US and its ally NATO countries were backing Pakistan because of their hatred against the Soviet Union which gave Pakistan the opportunity to bring the non-Muslim states in the fold of its Jihadist trap. This Jihadist army of Pakistan would be more dangerous than the Soviet for Muslim and non-Muslim world. Sadly, the United States and its allies could not understand it.

Due to the negligence of [Western Powers, Pakistan has turned this small plant into a strong tree with many branches [Jihadist terrorism ideology] spread all over the world with the financial support of Arab Sheiks and the West. What is surprising is that the effected powers despite knowing the facts and reality of Pakistan, have failed to devise a correct strategy. Why did they waste their time, money and energy, despite knowing everything?  Arabs were and are supporting thousands of madrassas in Pakistan which are prohibited in their own countries, the US and its allies are still helping Pakistan with billions of dollars and military equipment, Russia has also stepped in to support the crippling economy of Pakistan and on top of all China continue to bestow its blessings on it [Pakistan].

This means that the fire that has engulfed Afghanistan is being fuelled from Pakistan and all the major powers of the world are backing Pakistan one way or other, hence, it is not possible to extinguish this fire – the jihadist terrorism.

Due to the new self-made interpretation of Islam, first they created Mujahids (Jihadist terrorists), then the narrow-minded extremist Mullahs and Taliban but now they went a step further and formed the Daaesh or ISL. It would be wrong to suggest that they will not create even more new extremist group, more intense and extreme, breaking their previous record of savagery and brutality, in near future. It is possible that they will spread their bloodbath, which they are doing in Afghanistan, to America, Europe and many Arab countries. In fact, I fear that terrorism and bloodbath in West may be more advanced and terrible.

In this situation, what is of concern is that the United States has spectacularly failed to address the Afghan problem and still there are no signs that the US is willing to consider other angles to resolve this problem. The angle to treat Pakistan as the problem, not the solution.

Considering the current alliance of Taliban and Pakistan it is regrettable to note that there no visible sign of improvement in Afghanistan’s situations because Pakistan as usual, is not even hesitant to break its promises. One such example is last time during – four countries – negotiations where Pakistan assured in writing that if Taliban are not prepared to talk, Pakistan will take full military action against them.  However, when recently the Afghan army conducted strong military action against Taliban and Daaesh and inflicted heavy losses upon them, Pakistan’s foreign advisor asked Afghanistan to avoid the use of force against Taliban.

In this context, when there are piles of dead bodies in every nook and corner of the Afghanistan, including Kabul and terrorist continue to intensify their operations and recruit more people, it is essential for Afghan leadership to unite to bring peace in their country. Afghan’s ally US and Pakistan’s potential victims India and Russia should also to review their policies about Afghanistan.

Five immediate steps must be taken for a future successful and practical strategy.

  1. The Afghan leadership should convince their US allies that continuous unconditional support to Pakistan and at the same time wishing that peace will return to Afghanistan and region are two contrary facts. If the US formula is: US-Pakistan alliance + Pakistan’s central role in the fight against terrorism + US support to Pakistan, then the result of this formula will be spread of terrorism in Afghanistan and around the world. This is an already tested formula and even if it is repeated a thousand times the result will not be any different. To get a different result one has to change the formula.
  2. To bring peace in Afghanistan not only Russia’s role should be extended but the US and its allies should sit together and chalk out a proper formula in this regard because Russia can play a greater political role than only giving a few thousand Kalashnikovs and some military equipment or to stop drug trafficking to help Afghanistan. The United States cannot ignore the fact that without taking Russia in confidence in all matters, Russia can use other options to enter the game. The rumours about Russian leaderships’ meetings with Taliban to seek their help against Daaesh illustrates that Russia is fully aware of the latest developments in Afghanistan. Same can be also be said for India whom Pakistan is conspiring to keep away from Afghanistan. That’s why India and Russia should be given the opportunity to devise correct strategies to resolve Afghan issue and play an effective role.
  3. To understand the importance of independence of Balochistan and to fully support the independence of Balochistan from Pakistan will not only decrease the probability of Pakistani interference in Afghanistan by 90% but it will also help shut down the new increasing factories of extremism.
  4. Afghanistan and India should formally declare Pakistan as an enemy country while the US instead of considering Pakistan as an ally should declare it a facilitator of extremists and make its policies accordingly. Russia should refrain from a new hasty relationship with Pakistan instead, it should have a quick glance at the history of its friendship with Turkey. I dare say this with certainty that if Russia hurriedly formed any relations, the pandemic outbreak in Afghanistan which has laboratories in Pakistan will first of all, engulf Russia.
  5. Afghanistan should make clear policies according to the wishes of Afghan people about Durand Line and openly support those forces who are practically struggling for abolishing the Durand Line and establishment of independent Pashtunistan. Like Baloch national army – the BLA and other Baloch resistance organisations, the formation of Pashtun Liberation Army (PLA) should not be ruled out in order to defend Pashtun people and unite them to struggle for freedom from Pakistan instead of an endless bloodbath against each other. Islamabad has created hurdles in the way of Pashtun freedom struggle by making them [Pashtuns] fight against each other. The Pashtuns should thwart this evil design of Punjab.


Hafeez writings encompass a broad spectrum of regional issues, including Pakistan’s interest and designs in the continuation of the Afghan war that directly contradicts the interests of America, Russia, India and the European Union in the region. Now, he is a Research Fellow at the Strategic Center for International Relations and a member of Editorial Board of its quarterly publication.


The Afghan Tribune | Hafeez Hassanabadi | Published: May 19, 2016, 03:16 PM


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