The Vision and Work of the Afghan Ministry of Information and Culture

Ministry of Information and Culture is one of the very important ministries in Afghanistan. Abdul Bari Jahani is the current minister of Information and Culture. It is worth mentioning that he is also the present day well-known poet and writer of Pashto language. Afghan famous singer Ustad Nashnas composed some of his best poetic lines. The content of his poetic art has the Persian romanticist influence with his unique Pashtun aesthetic wrap.

The Afghan Tribune correspondent visited the ministry and gained some of the inclusive information about the progress and work under the supervision of Jahani. Haroon Hakeemi the media adviser and spokesman of Information and Culture Ministry has told to the Afghan Tribune that information, culture, tourism and youth affairs fall under the purview of the ministry. He also told that “the Ministry has 10 cultural departments, working for the profound development of Afghan’s culture across the globe. The prominent departments are:

Tourism Department,

National Museum Department,

National Archive Department,

Afghan Music Department,

Afghan Film Department and

Youth Affairs Department

Hakeemi further added that “under the sustainable and creative vision of Jahani all the relevant departments of the ministry are jointly working towards the promotion of the Afghan culture.

The ministry also made some profound reforms in the National Museum and appointed the specialized persons in the acquired fields in order to preserve the historical documents and artifacts in a more scientific way. The ministry is also working closely with the Afghan Film Department and they have brought some administrative changes in the department of Theater for the progress of the department. New historical sites have been explored in the field of archeology in Balkh, Kandahar, and Bamyan provinces. Furthermore, he mentioned that they are also arranging more surveys under the consideration of the relevant department.

He emphasized that “we have brought reforms in the department of Public Libraries” and added that “in this regard the ministry has appointed a new head of the National Public Library.” Three new libraries have been established in Shakardara, Logar and Baghlan and he also told that “work is underway in the Zabul province for the construction of a new library.” The ministry published six books about history and culture of Afghanistan and six more books are under work and will soon be published. The ministry also renovated the mausoleum of Mehtarlam Baba in Laghman and Khirqa Sharif Ziarat (the shrines of the Cloak of Prophet Mohammad PBUH) in Kandahar.

In the field of Afghan music, the relevant department is working on the composition of Afghan Orchestra. The ministry has also signed three very important agreements with Prague, Tokyo and Kiyosu for the exhibitions of Afghan Art and Culture.

Under the signed condition the Tokyo and Kiyosu cities will hold the Afghan culture exhibitions for 4 months. The Japanese government will also return the Afghan historical artifact had smuggled and sold in the black market during the war era. He further added, “They are also working on similar agreements with the USA and the Australian government.”  This year the ministry also celebrated Bamyan as the cultural capital of the South Asian countries.

The Ministry also arranged two very important seminars, “Laghman in the Course of History and the 100th Anniversary of Formation of Indian Provisional Government in Kabul.” The ministry is also working on the integration and connection of Afghan art and culture with the people republic of China, Egypt, Iraq, and Italy. The Ministry also paved the way for the Rights to Information law and they have considered it is a great step towards more democratic and open press freedom for the first time in the history of Afghanistan. The Media Complains Commission also formed in the larger interest of Afghanistan and the ministry also formed the Code and Conduct Commission for the Afghan Media.

The ministry has investigated 40 cases of Media Complain Commission since its inception. The Protection Committee for journalists also formed. The Youth Affair Department under the purview of the ministry has arranged a number of public awareness and capacity building programs. He claimed that for the first time our developmental budget has reached to 50% which always remained just 25% in the past. The ministry has also solved the riddle of Intellectual Property Right (IPR) forever.


The Afghan Tribune | Sher Jan Takal | Published: January 06, 2016, 05:58 PM


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