Time to End Proxy War in Afghanistan



The proxy war had just started when the British Imperial forces brought their soldiers to Afghanistan without the will of Afghan people, consequently in 1934, 1939 and then in 198o as well onward, for its major interest in the Central Asia. From the beginning of the proxy war in Afghanistan, the people of Afghanistan laid down their heads in order to secure the people of Central Asia but unfortunately, no response came from the Central Asians to dignify Afghanistan’s sacrifices.

Contrarily, the Russian imperialism of the time had also forwarded its military to tackle the imperial interest of British Imperialism. In this bad war, the Afghan people had victimized and underprivileged from the development and modernization.

Not only the proxy’s approaches of Russia and British treated the Afghan people in a very poor selfish way, but the modern capitalistic major powers are also doing the same as the previous one. The “Roshnya Movement” of Pir Rokhan was considered an anti-human but the reality was that the entire movement was working with humanistic criteria and was against the human suppression and subjugation.

Modern reformist Amir Amanullah Khan was treated in the same way. In his tenure, the non-violent political movement, Khudai Khidmatgar under the leadership of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan was also crushed and blamed it to a terrorist movement. The raise of democratic values of 1970s was also considered anti-Islamic and anti-democratic just for the cause to undermine the democracy and civilization in Afghanistan.

One should not forget that the women rights were not as freer as that were in Afghanistan. The industrial revolution of America in (1820-1870) and then in Europe and so on had given the rights of will and freedom to the European’s women, but they were still backward in giving the rights of voting than non-industrialized Afghanistan.

Now this is the time to support the globalization and efforts of the new government of Afghanistan in transferring Afghanistan as a bridge between South and Central Asia rather than a buffer state.

This fall will not only put Afghanistan into darkness but also will challenge the writ of the regional and international powers. The Paris attacks teach us to get together against our common enemy.


The Afghan Tribune | Web Desk | Published: November 18, 2015, 10:38 AM

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