Trade cooperation top priority for US Ambassador

The new United States Ambassador to China Terry Branstad has arrived in China and held his first news conference at his residence in Beijing.

During the 10-minute speech, Branstad expressed his deep affection towards China and the Chinese people and named economic and trade cooperation as one of his top priorities.

“We realize the relationship is important between the two greatest economics in the world,” said Branstad. “We need to work together to deal with some of the pressing difficult issues, such as expanding trade, and increasing the economic opportunities for the people of China, as well as to increase jobs for the people in the US.”

The ambassador was excited about the Chinese government’s approval of beef imports from the US after a 13-year suspension. “A couple of trades of corn, rice, and many others are going to be approved,” the ambassador said.

Branstad had visited China six times and plans to play an important role in the arrangements for US President Donald Trump’s visit to China some time this year.

“I have a lot of personal relationships with the Trump family. Since Ivanka’s 5-year old daughter can speak Mandarin, I hope my two granddaughters can speak Mandarin in the not too distant future,” the ambassador added.

Previously, Branstad has served two separate terms as governor of Iowa. In December 2016, Branstad accepted US President Donald Trump’s nomination as US Ambassador to China. He was confirmed and sworn in last month.


The Afghan Tribune | China Daily | Published: June 29, 2017, 02:54 AM

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