Tricky Pakistan – Balochistan’s Case, Ahmar’s Protest! Pathetic  American Media !


Although, the issue of Balochistan received huge international media coverage across the world when a Baloch activist, Ahmar Masti Khan, disrupted Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif last month during his speech in the US Institute of Peace by raising the slogan of FREE BALOCHISTAN and accusing him of war crimes in Balochistan and being friend of Bin Laden.

However, that event also laid bare the fact that there exists a US Institute that promotes peace but invites heads of rouge states like Pakistan to lecture the Western World about peace. Nawaz Sharif was justifying the policies of his state’s terrorism from nuclear threats and proliferation to harbouring terrorists like Osama Bin Laden, arming religious fanatics like Taliban and Lashkar e Tayyaba.

But no matter!  This is how the Americans used to run their foreign affairs. They know better than anyone else as they have a long strategic defense relationship with the Pakistani military. But to say that the American didn’t know that they were being deceived by Pakistan is exactly the same narrative as Pakistanis used to say they didn’t know OBL was in Pakistan or in the matter of nuclear proliferation when confronted, they started saying that the state was not involved, it was Dr Qadeer Khan who personally transferred the centrifuges to Iran, South Korea and Libya.

In both cases, as a master of all tricks, Pakistan weathered the storms by engaging its foxy natured diplomats in a non-confrontational game of acquiesce and submission.  They knew storms don’t long last. To weather them, one has to be extremely flexible and submissive till the end. All that it took were some diplomatic hullabaloos in the media and some exchanges of words between the military officers of the two countries. And the then the calm!

In fact, despite receiving a big boost in international media when Ahmar confronted Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif in the US Institute of Peace auditorium by registering his protest against Pakistani war crimes in Balochistan and calling for freedom of Balochistan, it was expected that the American media would give coverage this incident but they have chosen to remain silent. It is clear that to be hopeful that America would come out and support Baloch case in the near future is like living in a dream world. The reason is clear: Just a day before Ahmar’s protest, the New York times reported that America was selling F16 fighter Jets to Pakistan.

Definitely, in the end, these Jet fighters of F16 would ruthlessly be used to crush Baloch armed resistance against Pakistani occupation; as it has already been acknowledged by various reports that the American weapons indeed were being used to crush the secular Baloch instead of extremist religious forces, though, they were meant to crush the Taliban.

Geographically, Balochistan is a Part of South Asia, Middle East and Central Asia, if supported; it plays a vital role for peace in the region. Baloch, on their part as world peace partners, offered tremendous sacrifices to stop Pakistani and Iranian religious extremism in the region by opting for secular nationalism based on cultural and democratic values. Indeed, the emancipation of South Asia & Middle East from the grip of religious extremism lies in the success of secular free Balochistan slogan. But it seems that this slogan is a hard sell to world powers for moral and diplomatic support.

Again the reason is obvious: Baloch didn’t step out of their geographic national boundaries and adhered to international conventions and abide by international laws.

The Afghan Tribune | Archen Baloch | Published: November 08, 2015 01:21 AM

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  • Nov 13, 2015 at 1:24 am

    The very tribal and feudal structure of some of the areas of Balochistan are everything BUT democratic. Chief Minister of Balochistan (Dr Baloch) has done a great job to help end grievances and choke the terrorist seperatists (funded by India via hostile afghan soil) of oxygen. By the way like most super powers the US does what is in its national and strategic interests. Supporting a band of angry, erratic, wild thugs like “Masti Khan” or BLA/BRA etc is certainly not in their interests at all. All they want is a successful and gradual pull out from Afghanistan and for that they know they need Pakistan military guidance and intelligence sharing.