Truth is always truth

Former Pakistani ambassador to the United States Husain Haqqani warned Washington “The F-16 fighter jets it plans to sell to Islamabad will be used against India instead of militants.” The ex-ambassador has already doubted the efforts of Pakistan against terrorism, and he suspects that still Pakistan believes supporting terrorism means supporting Pakistan Two Nation Theory.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has appreciated on December 09, 2015 the progress of Pakistan Army’s Operation Zarb-e-Azb, which helped eliminate the insurgency led by the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM). This means if China is going to invest in Afghanistan then the same China will ask Pakistan Army Chief to halt terrorists to not enter into Afghanistan for harming the interest of China. But, what’s happened with China when the terrorists attack on the Logar Mines Project from Pakistani side through Azra district of the province?

President Ghani said, “We are fighting on behalf of all of you, but we are the ones who are suffering some of the worst atrocities.” And he explicitly criticized that Pakistan had failed to deprive the Taliban of havens here.

Terrorists’ gangs and well-organized organizations are openly and freely operating from Pakistan but still the world needs to prove that Pakistan is a terrorist state or not? But a truth is always a truth when we know that Pakistan is the bone of contention and the energetic root canal of all miseries and the major player of playing a dual role in Kashmir, Palestine, Afghanistan, Balochistan and Yemen, then what is the need to prove that Pakistan is a terrorist state? Simply, it is.

The masterminds of the 9/11th attacks, California, Shah Shaheed attack, Aurgun attack and massacre killing of minorities and Balochs nationals, are not strangers, but the religious fanatics as living in Pakistan and most of them are living in Punjab. A truth is always a truth, then why the international community has been failed to stop Pakistan from sponsoring the terrorist activities.

The entire region wants peace, stability, economic prosperity, and development, but only Pakistan wishes to keep continue its religious intolerance and dictatorship in the name of religion and being the forte of Islam.

Most of the terrorists on the international level are being called in Pakistan national heroes. The killer of ex-governor of Punjab, Qadari is a hero, and there is nobody to ask the Tehrik Sunni Jamaat (A Sunni Fundamentalist Organization, and against secular thoughts) that why you declared the killing of governor legitimate?

Mullah Umar death has been concealed for two years then why not the death of Mullah Mansoor for four years by the ISI and how can we trust Pakistan when they can hide the Mullah death and then they ask Kabul to negotiate with death leader? Pakistan has killed him and they motivated the mullahs to fight against the Afghan people because they have told to the people that he is no more in this material world, but no punishment for Pakistan when she kept the death unknown.

We wish that once we could use the words like peaceful, lovely, prosper, friendly, humanistic and free of violence for Pakistan.

The Afghan Tribune | Editorial | Published: December 10, 2015, 11:20AM

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