What is wrong with American rulers?


Now this is the part of history that a pro-slavery mob killed abolitionist Elijah P. Lovejoy, editor of the Alton Observer on November 07, 1837. History also tells us that the Utah War Mormon militias, fueled by paranoia, attack the Baker-Francher Party wagon train, killing everyone older than 7. The party’s 17 very young children were kidnapped into Mormon families, and the party’s property auctioned off to the Mormon community. Mormons attempt to blame the slaughter on Indians. Some 120 people were murdered, making this attack the single deadliest act of terrorism on US soil until the Oklahoma City bombing of 1995, these all happened on September 11, 1857.

The division of the American population on class and color based policy was also something introduced by the rulers class to make the profit in their field of industries. The blacks were declared only slaves due to their muscular power and characteristics. The whites were declared as the Brahman of great India, the top, and VIP population. But when the industrial revolution came into power in America then rulers were not in need of Black slaves but they were looking for technical staff and of course, the black population was just kept up to muscular or hand activities. They were not technical and up to the choice of the machinery work and now the rulers were not in form to afford them economically that’s why they have introduced human rights for black people.

Usually, the political leaders use different cards for getting votes from using the money of corporate to religious statements through caste discrimination. The American society is one of the societies has given space to multinational and multicultural societies and people. The secret of the success of the American society is laying in its flexibility and open heart for other nations. The terrorist attacks of Paris, California and attacks of Russia on the Syrian population are something that rulers are using for future successes.

If, the religious bigotry and fundamentalism need to be addressed then we need to perish this menace through a true spirit. We consider them perilous issues for the American and rest of the world’s population. Presidential candidate Trump’s statements are nothing but harming the international image of multicultural America.

We need to tackle the hazard of terrorism not only in America but across the world. The Americans troops have given sacrifices and the USA has given up billions of dollars in the fight against terrorism, but if the terrorism is reaching to America, then, of course, it indicates that we were not expert in perishing and controlling as well monitoring the war against terrorism.

If, our war was against the terrorism, and we had a determination to eradicate this dirt then why we are not monitoring the states who are promoting fundamentalism in their schools, madrassa, colleges and universities as well as, unfortunately, through their medias channels.

Presidential candidate, Trump needs to talk against all those states are involved in sponsoring terrorism against the people, democracy, human rights, and for the cause to topple the other states.


The Afghan Tribune | Editorial | Published: December 09, 2015, 11:05 AM

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