Why Afghanistan Needs Strong Air Force?



Afghanistan is the most difficult terrain for moving or operating inside the country. The difficulty is not so simple specifically when it comes to the question of combating violent form of irregular offensive from the Taliban. After a long war Afghan state and the society once again reviving its modern existence. Although the development of Afghan state has a lot of socio-economic challenges. Every state’s institution is passing through an embryonic stage.

One of the harshest challenges as Afghan state facing so relentlessly is to curtail the Taliban insurgency and establishing the writ of the Afghan state, lastingly. To deal with this fierce insurgency, the Afghan nascent defense structure needs a highly professional well-disciplined integrated combating force system. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the United States are already helping Afghan military in many ways. Still we need the most enduring long-term partnership with our international allies as well as with our regional traditional close friends, especially with India.

But the point should be noted that our relation with India should not be gaged in the prism of the anti-Pakistan move. The Afghan authorities should not only concentrate on the strategic coordination with Delhi but should also try to enhance the Afghan nation cultural relations with the Indian people. To protect and develop further the gains of 14 years investment of international community, Afghanistan needs strong, capable and well-disciplined and self-governing air power. There are numerous persuasive factors to have a strong Afghan air power.

First Geography plays a crucial role to determine the fate of the Afghan state. Afghanistan has some of the highest and most treacherous terrains. This unique geological position of Afghanistan not only brings challenges politically and economically but also it reflects in the form of natural disasters. Being lies at the edge of geological fault lines and extreme weather conditions, Afghanistan always faced severe avalanches, floods, and earthquakes. A strong Air power is the only viable response to these crises.

Secondly, Afghanistan positions in the center of powerful nuclear military states. All neighbors of Afghanistan have strong air forces and the modern missiles system. The Afghan Army institution collapsed due to decades of war. After the collapsed of the Afghan military, our so called Muslim brothers’ neighbors hunt for strategic depth through their religious proxies. These Islamic radical inexorably damaged the Afghan society in the forms of ethnic strife and religious sectarianism. Now, we have a chance to restore the position of the Afghan state. A strong air power is the only solution for a strong and an independent Afghanistan. A strong Afghanistan can answer the threats to the region. The strong Afghan Air Force will also help to bring power balance and deterrence in the region.

Afghanistan’s National Security Adviser, Hanif Atmar, as a successful and professional well command strategic person has the ability to transform his regional vision into reality, and he should go in detail discussion with the Indian authorities for regional peace and harmony.


The Afghan Tribune | Web Desk | Published: November 06, 2015 10:51 PM


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