Why Raheel Sharif Expresses Zero Tolerance for ISIS




The split within Afghan Taliban is really a concern for Pakistan. Afghan Taliban including all insurgent groups is diminishing their popularity in Afghanistan. Pakistan is meditating over that how they can get an advantage of the Taliban movement in Afghan power sharing before its complete natural death. The augment of Daesh is also something that Pakistan is worried about. Pakistan is also mulling over to gain its part in the fight against terrorism. Pakistan needs lobbying for being anti-Daesh, but no one should ignore that Pakistan has been remained financial, moral and ideological partner of Islamic fundamentalism for many years. Pakistan educational curriculum is something teaching hatred and alienation in Pakistan. Pakistan’s economy is mostly in the hands of generals and generally Pakistan army, and they are making more than 35 % economy of the country, and they are also a permanent part of the war economy in the region and Afghanistan.

Pakistan is already facing a financial deficit and the country with major unemployment rate can’t bear further taxation policies, so now the Pakistan Army needs to launch few other projects of terror-sponsoring while replacing the Haqqani Network and the Taliban. Perhaps, this is the reason that they have changed the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) route towards Punjab, the heart of Pakistan.

Army chief General Raheel Sharif assured on Saturday that the armed forces would take the war against terrorism to its logical end, Radio Pakistan reported.

This statement leads Pakistan to some serious lobbying for war economy but at the same time this shows that for last 15 years Pakistan was not fighting against the terrorists on the logical basis. On the other hand, they want to make evident that they are again leading, and they are putting their army in trouble for the world’s peace. Why someone should not think that army dictatorship is the permanent part of Pakistan’s politics, perhaps the Pakistan army is tired of the frequent wars, and then they release their frustration through Military coups.

Afghanistan also rejected the offer of Pakistan Army Chief to visit Kabul before visiting the world super power, the USA. Raheel Sharif was enough clever to prove while visiting Afghanistan that he resolved his problems with Afghan authorities, but Afghan President Ashraf Ghani already asked Pakistan for its sincerity against terrorism. Afghanistan’s National Security Adviser, Hanif Atmar also visited India in search of energizing Afghanistan-India security and strategic relations and this proves that Afghanistan no longer trusts Pakistan as an honest neighbor.

Raheel Sharif needs to focus on its own army and military contradictions instead of worrying about Daesh or Taliban’s future in Afghanistan. The world is fearful of Pakistan Army because Daesh and Taliban including other militant forces are the productions of Pakistan Army. If not then why they don’t arrest the militants in Pakistan as they are free to kill, destroy and bomb the Afghan people in the markets, sports grounds and everywhere in the name of religion.

The world needs real support from Pakistan instead of making hollow promises. The sources have already reported that the United States has strictly asked Pakistan to change its policy of promoting fundamentalism in the region and the invitation of Pakistan to Putin is also a sign of pressure on the American authorities to accept Pakistan all illegal demands in the war against terrorism.

The Afghan Tribune | Editorial | Published: November 21, 2015 09:38 PM

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