Xanana  Guesmao versus Hyrbair  Marri 

Xanana  Gusmao, the founding father of East Timor, led his small homeland to the world stage simply because of his clear vision. Similarly, the pioneer of the current Baloch liberation movement, Mr. Hyrbyair Marri, with his clear vision, has somehow internationalized the forgotten Baloch liberation movement at the world stage. Hyrbair marri and Xanana Gusmao both are known for their, realistic approach, boldness and clarity of vision.

Indonesia annexed Xanana Gusmao land of birth East Timor in 1975 and it remained under the colonial rule of Indonesia till 1999, Xanana emerged as leader of East Timor in 1981 and took the command of the freedom movement against Indonesia, similarly, Pakistan invaded Balochistan in 1948 since then Baloch offered small scale of armed resistances to the occupation but they were not organized and the movement could not spread the all over Balochistan.  The scope of the movement was limited to Kahaan, Kalat and Bolan areas, and those isolated movements of resistance could not attract international moral sympathy.

Nevertheless, the recent movement led by Hyrbyair Marri became different from all others efforts of the past. He succeeded in spreading the movement all over Balochistan and in his inclusive efforts he also made it sure that the voice of Baloch is being heard in international forums. Hyrbair marri has practically dedicated his personal life to freedom struggle; he has an appealing personality to Baloch people. Equally, Xanana Gusmao was the charismatic man to his people. Xanana Gusmao did three years’ service in colonial Portuguese forces and as well as the local division of colonial admin. Similarly, Mr. Hyrbair Marri too served as a minister in Balochistan government under the Pakistani occupation, however, he was the first ever Baloch in history who refuse to take an oath of loyalty to Pakistan. He used the ministry against the Pakistani colonialism during his short period of ministership at the so-called provincial assembly of colonized Balochistan. It was that time when he started organizing Baloch in favor of their independence movement.

On November 12th, 1991, 271 defenceless Timorese were killed by Indonesian forces while they were attending funeral of Timorese freedom loving worker, that is known as  Dili massacre which received universal media coverage, the international community took notice of that carnage and  Suharto was forced of appointing an investigation commission to look into the calamity, that  accident culminated into the independence of East Timor, where Xanana Gusmao played a heroic role in highlighting the issue nationally and internationally.  While in Balochistan the same level of the carnage of Dili is consistently taking place. Killings, kidnappings, mass murder, burning of civilian houses and discovering of mass grave is common in Balochistan.

In January 2014 a shepherd discovered a mass grave in Tutak Khuzdar Balochistan. The number of decomposed bodies discovered in that mass graves were more than 196’ they were bodies of political workers previously abducted Pakistan army during illegal attacks on the local population.

Later another mass grave was found in Gwargo area of Panjgoor, in which the decomposed bodies of Hameed Jamal, Abid Shah, Master Sattar, and Master Safeer were discovered.

More than 20000 Baloch have gone missing since the beginning of the resistance; among them, so more than 5000 political workers were brutally killed under custody besides the illegal destruction of Baloch houses. Yet, the international community has so far refused to take notice of this carnage the way it had taken notice of East Timor which culminated into its independence. Like Xanana Gusmao, Mr. Hyrbyair Marri has also appealed many occasions to the UN and other international organizations of taking notice of Baloch misery but they refused to fulfill their responsibilities in Balochistan.

After the independence of East Timor Xanana Gusmao could not deliver well, during his government, He even could not curb the corruption and his inclination to nepotism could not let the country to be prosperous and developed.  Hyrbair marri has not yet practiced nepotism and he has never shown any favoritism to his relatives, he has distanced himself from his family members due to his principled stance on the independence of Balochistan.

He has never compromised with his principles, Balochi code of conduct and political ethics. We can witness favoritism in Kurdish movement, we observed nepotism in East Timor government under Xanana Gusmao, as well as most of the third world countries, that’s way they could not develop and progress.

if Balochistan becomes an independence country under Hyrbyair Marri leadership it would progress in the due course and enjoys a prosperous status like others developed countries; because Hyrbyair  Marri has  ethics, honesty, boldness, courage, and principles likewise the established countries leadership. He has a long-term clear vision similar to Russians, German, French, Israeli and Japanese leadership. He has charted out the roadmap of his vision for a democratic independent Balochistan in the shape of Balochistan Liberation Charter.

Hyrbyair Marri has pride and honor of his nation. He thinks Baloch are not inferior to any nation of the world. He is fully confident about his leadership role in the Baloch liberation struggle. His perseverance and patience have earned his nation’s confidence in him as quoted by someone, that physical slavery is not dangerous as the mental slavery that kills your power of vision without feeling, Hyrbair marri succeeded in freeing most of the Baloch youth from mental slavery, thanks to Hyrbair marri majority of the Baloch are now known of their captivity. After  of mental emancipation of Baloch people  Hyrbair marri likewise Xanana Gusmao is endeavoring to liberate his nation from Pakistani occupation and like other independence and advanced nation put his country on the road to freedom, prosperity, and development.


The Afghan Tribune | Meeran Baloch | Published: February 25, 2017, 10:50 AM


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